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Bio: Working as a Senior Technical Manager at Audintel Inc., Surya Kiran is well-versed in supply chain management. He has a vast knowledge of data analytics and optimizing shipping processes. Surya Kiran was previously associated with EnVista, a supply chain and enterprise consulting firm. He has16 years of IT and Logistics experience

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  • Competitive parcel auditing services: essential for shippers

    Posted on: 25 Jul 2022

    With rising inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices, businesses need to economize and improve profitability. Shipping small packages to customers needs scrutiny as service failures lead to higher expenses for shippers. Affordable patent auditing services are essential to monitoring shipping expenses. Our earlier blog focused on affordable parcel auditing services that reduce shipping costs. This article focuses on […]

  • parcel audit services

    Affordable parcel audit services for reducing shipping costs

    Posted on: 15 Jun 2022

    Are you confused about the calculation of shipping rates during small parcel shipping? Find it difficult to track small parcels. Further, claiming refunds for late deliveries of packages is full of hassles. Then, it is time to partner with parcel audit services. This article will explore why parcel audit services are necessary for reducing shipping […]

  • Shipping trends of 2022 that redefine the way we ship

    Posted on: 11 May 2022

    The supply chain industry has faced many challenges in 2020 and 2021. This year appears to be difficult for small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to the pandemic resurgence in some countries, the Ukraine conflict has posed many challenges. Shipping costs have risen as FedEx has hiked its peak surcharges for international parcel and freight […]

  • UPS and FedEx shipments

    Our top ten reasons for delays in UPS and FedEx shipments

    Posted on: 01 Mar 2022

    Online shopping has both been a boon and a bane for retailers. There is a rising demand for on-time delivery of goods in a day. Shippers and parcel carriers are racing against time to meet customers’ expectations. But even so, UPS and FedEx shipments are delivered late. Delayed shipments negatively impact customer experience, thus causing […]

  • Our top reasons for FedEx and UPS return shipments

    Posted on: 27 Jan 2022

    Since early 2020, there has been an increase in online shopping worldwide. Online shippers want same-day shipping. Shipping companies and parcel carriers are scrambling to meet customers’ expectations. Nonetheless, some shipments do not reach the customers on time. Also, FedEx and UPS may return the parcels due to numerous reasons. This article will explore our […]

  • How do small parcel audit services benefit businesses?

    Posted on: 08 Nov 2021

    Shipping companies lose money when they are unaware of their shipping data. Shipping couriers take undue advantage of this situation. In the past few years, parcel audit companies, are a boon for businesses. They monitor the mistakes made by couriers. In this blog, we will discuss the affordable services of parcel audit companies. And their […]

  • Know your shipping spend from four critical shipping reports

    Posted on: 30 Sep 2021

    As a shipping business, you are always on the lookout for profitability. When shipping parcels from place A to B, you need to know the cost of the shipment. Keeping a tab on the packages shipped becomes difficult for businesses. For this reason, shipping reports are vital for shipping businesses. The shipping reports give an […]

  • Do you know about the timeline to apply for a refund when FedEx delivers packages late?

    Posted on: 16 Sep 2021

    When FedEx packages reach late, shippers receive flak for it.  Most of the time, shipping carriers are responsible for the delay. Nevertheless, shippers can claim compensation for FedEx delays. But, they miss the deadline to claim a refund. Shippers need a dedicated team to handle this process. Partnering with an audit company like Audintel gives shippers breathing […]

  • How to get a refund for late deliveries with FedEx Money-Back Guarantee?

    Posted on: 19 Aug 2021

    Customers expect shipment deliveries on time. If a delivery is delayed, customers may not order from the shipper again. Sometimes, they may not even raise a complaint but shippers may lose revenue and the trust of customers. Did you know that shipping carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, give a refund for late deliveries on […]

  • Optimizing shipping services for a global branding company 

    Posted on: 06 Feb 2020

    A global branding company needed to make effective decision for evaluating and selecting the most suitable and cost-effective shipping carriers for different locations. Dealing with a large daily shipping volume, the data for this type of a process is complex, pertaining to multiple locations around the world, variable package sizes as well as different carrier […]

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