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Bio: Working as a Senior Technical Manager at Audintel Inc., Surya Kiran is well-versed in supply chain management. He has a vast knowledge of data analytics and optimizing shipping processes. Surya Kiran was previously associated with EnVista, a supply chain and enterprise consulting firm. He has16 years of IT and Logistics experience

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  • Receive refunds quickly with Small Parcel Audit Services

    Posted on: 22 Feb 2024

    The US e-commerce parcel delivery market reportedly will grow to USD 160.07 billion by 2032. There is increasing demand for speedy delivery services from small parcel delivery companies. For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) small parcel delivery is economical, especially for last-mile deliveries. However, it has recently faced international shipping disruptions in many […]

  • Small parcel audit: necessary to improve your bottom line

    Posted on: 12 Feb 2024

    Same-day shipping has become the norm for most e-commerce orders. Further, according to reports, e-commerce sales are growing exponentially every year. Emphasis on digitalization and cashless payments are on the rise. There are chances of shipping and invoicing mistakes by shippers and shipping carriers. Identifying these mistakes is essential for conducting profitable businesses. A small […]

  • Small Parcel Audit Services.

    Advanced and cost-effective small parcel audit services

    Posted on: 10 Jan 2024

    Omnichannel retailers and e-commerce are seeing booming growth. Further, businesses can expect a rise in the small parcel shipping volumes. According to some reports, the US Courier, Express, And Parcel (CEP) Market will have increased growth. Thus, there is substantial pressure on shippers to deliver better. Businesses have to give competitive, cost-effective shopping experiences to […]

  • Small Parcel Shipping Solutions

    How quick small parcel shipping increases business profits?

    Posted on: 05 Oct 2023

    According to experts, the shipping volume of parcel shipping has grown exponentially in the US. Small parcel volume growth will increase further due to the booming e-commerce market. In addition, technological advancements like drones and robots are making parcel delivery more efficient and contactless. But, advanced technology comes with higher costs. Small businesses face the […]

  • Late FedEx Package Delivery

    Late FedEx package delivery: request for a refund

    Posted on: 26 May 2023

    Does your business ship packages through FedEx? Are you aware that your business is eligible for a refund if a package is delivered late by a minute? But, FedEx will not notify businesses if packages delay. Companies have to keep track of late packages. In addition, FedEx will not notify companies if they suspend or […]

  • FedEx and UPS Service Guarantees

    Reduce shipping expenses with FedEx and UPS Service Guarantees

    Posted on: 13 Apr 2023

    Does your company face frequent package delays from your shipping carriers? Hence, it is time to shift to a reliable shipping carrier. UPS and FedEx are the most reliable, trusted shipping carriers. Moreover, they offer Service Guarantees on specific services. Our earlier blogs covered the various aspects of FedEx money-back and UPS service Guarantees. Here, […]

  • Minimize shipping operation costs with data analytics

    Posted on: 03 Feb 2023

    As the trend to shop online is increasing among customers, it is essential to have a robust shipping operation. Towards this end, shipping data analytics enable businesses to make better decisions and improve shipping performance. Optimize the shipping operations of a company by keeping track of shipping orders and inventory. This blog will try to […]

  • UPS Shipping Invoice Audit

    UPS shipping invoice audit: why use a third-party auditor?

    Posted on: 07 Dec 2022

    Companies shipping large volumes of parcels during the holiday season don’t have time for parcel audits. In addition, it is hard to oversee mistakes and overcharges made by shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx. So, many companies are moving towards automated audit solutions to save time and resources. This article will discuss the need for […]

  • Shipping Refunds

    Efficient parcel auditing services save more with refunds

    Posted on: 02 Nov 2022

    Shipping services will be at their peak in the upcoming holiday season. Businesses need to track whether their packages reach on time to their customers. Due to the heavy rush, there will be a delay in shipments. Many shippers are unaware of recovering refunds from carriers for late deliveries. With the help of parcel audit […]

  • parcel auditing services

    Parcel auditing services: transforming businesses intelligently

    Posted on: 19 Sep 2022

    Small parcel audits in the U.S. are vital for all businesses. Parcel audits ensure that companies are not paying more to shipping carriers. Further, timely audits can unlock savings for companies. Parcel auditing services are necessary for shippers in the U.S. It questions businesses about optimum usage of their shipping data for business growth. Our earlier blogs […]

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