Privacy Policy

Respect Privacy

It is our responsibility to protect the personal information we collect. Our reputation depends on it. We know our customers, employees, and other individuals care about their privacy, and we are dedicated to earning and maintaining their trust. When we collect, use, maintain, or share personal information, we prioritize keeping it safe and using it for the purposes described in our privacy policies and notices. We operate in compliance with privacy laws and respect the privacy rights of individuals. We require our business partners with access to our data to do the same. We only share personal information with those who are authorized to receive it. We protect personal information by maintaining information security programs reasonably and appropriately designed to address security risks and protect the privacy, security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information. If we become aware of a breach of data in our possession or a breach involving any of our data that is in the possession of our suppliers or business partners, we will take swift action to appropriately notify and protect those who are affected. We understand that our reputation and success depend on maintaining trust concerning data privacy and security.

Protect Intellectual Property and Safeguard Proprietary and Confidential Information

Protecting and defending the Company’s intellectual property and safeguarding proprietary and confidential information is critical to our success. As a SAAS company, intellectual property and confidential information are among our most valuable assets and include our brands, trademarks, know-how, inventions, patents, content, and other copyrighted materials, trade secrets, strategies, computer programs, and media properties, including websites and apps. We protect our intellectual property and confidential information and guard against their unauthorized use or dissemination. We also respect the intellectual property rights and confidential information of others and recognize that doing so is vital to maintaining our business and reputation. In general, protecting intellectual property and proprietary and confidential information, whether it is ours or belongs to our business partners, safeguards our ideas, and maintains our reputation as a trustworthy partner.

Ensure Financial Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the Company’s accounting, record- keeping, financial reporting, and public reporting. We have a system of internal controls to maintain our books and records and prepare our financial statements in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, and accounting standards.

Communicate Responsibly

We do not speak on behalf of the Company unless authorized to do so. We make sure that our external communications are honest and accurate. In any communication whether on the job or in our own time, we communicate professionally, maintain confidentiality, and are mindful of the repercussions our words can have on the Company’s business and our Customer’s business. This is true in person, over the telephone, via email, and on social media. We comply with applicable broadcasting and advertising laws, regulations, standards, and codes of practice and are committed to the highest media standards. We strive to report accurately, fairly, objectively, and independently, and recognize the importance of working with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Data Processor Responsibility

Audintel Inc. is not a Data Controller but a Data Processor. The consent for collecting PII is completely with the Data Controllers. As a data processor for our esteemed clients (referred as Business Partners at Audintel INC.), we strictly adhere to their instructions when processing information. This includes handling details such as names and contact information provided solely by our clients for service provision.

Our commitment to data security involves cooperation with the Data Controllers, the organization will support the controller’s obligation with respect to an individual’s rights of access, correction, and deletion of their sensitive information (personally identifiable information (PII)) according to regulatory or contractual requirements.

Information provided to us is retained only for the contract-specified duration or as necessitated by legal and regulatory requirements. Audintel Inc. engages in transparent cooperation with clients and relevant authorities to demonstrate compliance with data protection obligations. In instances of international data transfers, we implement safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses, to ensure data security.

This Privacy Policy may undergo periodic updates to reflect evolving practices, with clients promptly notified of significant changes. For any inquiries or concerns about our privacy practices, clients can contact us at [email protected]. Audintel Inc. prioritizes privacy and commits to safeguarding personal information as a trusted data processor.