We believe in strategic partnerships with 3PLs providers and companies interested in leveraging our technology solutions. Our solutions are also customizable to provide the specific detail and insight you need for Transportation Spend Management.


We understand that third-party logistics partners have an important role to play in the effective fulfillment of shipments. Our SaaS solutions are suitable for 3PLs and bring a positive transformation in your business processes. We provide solutions that cover all aspects of Transportation Spend Management. These can be successfully utilized for multiple transportation modes and clients in your portfolio
  • All-mode Freight Audit to find opportunities for cost reduction and claims
  • Optimization of operations and costs with insights into the supply chain and non-transportation expenses
  • Timely carrier invoice processing and bill payments
  • Automation tools and best-in-class cloud hosting for TSM
  • Back-office operational support
  • Development and QA support as required

White Label

As a technology-first company, we provide our solutions as white-labeled software for your business. Our dedicated team of developers and proficient QA resources, employ industry best practices to customize the software as per your specifications. With our transportation spend management software, you can give your clients greater visibility and business intelligence to optimize their shipping spending.
  • Customizations as per your need on our existing best-in-class TSM software
  • Development and QA support as required
  • Seamless integrations with your choice of platforms and protocols
  • Advanced features and automated workflows tailor-made to your specifications
  • Back-office operational support
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