About us


Your strategic partner for transportation spend management

We are a team of domain experts in the logistics industry and technology veterans providing Transportation Spend Management Services. We deliver next-generation analytics, technology, and automation solutions. As a leader in all-mode Freight Audit, we possess contemporary skills to design, build and cost-saving solutions for our clients. Our customer-centric and technology-first approach enables us to deliver trustworthy solutions for optimizing logistics and shipping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the trusted partners in Transportation Spend Management (TSM), enabling our clients to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Our Vision

Audintel aspires to be the undisputed market leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) by leveraging cutting-edge technology and delivering operational excellence.

Our Values


We exist because of our customers, and our commitment is to consistently surpass their expectations.

Unwavering Accuracy

Precision is the foundation of our work, and we aim for 100% accuracy at all times.

Transparent Commitment

Mistakes may happen, but we take ownership and rectify them with complete transparency.

Integrity Above All

Our commitment to honesty and integrity is unwavering, even if it involves short-term sacrifices.