Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How quickly will my company be up and running on Audintel’s platform?
Answer: Audintel will usually have everything set up in one business day.

Question: What kind of savings would I see on my invoices?
Answer: Depending on your contract with your carriers we save our clients 2 – 20 %.

Question: Can you help us manage our contracts?
Answer: Yes, we have a custom application that allows you to manage your contracts and all their amendments, Ask about our “toss” platform.

Question: Do you only Audit FedEx and UPS?
Answer: No, we audit most Carriers including GSO, On-Trac, USPS, Canada Post, and DHL.

Question:  Can I see freight and parcel shipments in the same dashboards?
Answer: Yes, we can see all parcel and freight carriers in the same reports and dashboards.

Question: Do you limit the number of users on your platform?
Answer: No, for our standard offering we have unlimited users.

Question: Can we “white label” your solutions?
Answer: We white label many customers and will manage with our operations team and call center.

Question: Will Audintel help with integrations and custom projects?
Answer: Yes, we are a technology-first company, and we have a team of architects, developers, and QA resources that you can leverage, our rates are very competitive.

Question: Can you help with carrier negotiations?
Answer: Yes, we have a team experienced with all types of carrier negotiations.

Question: Do you provide training?
Answer: Yes, we support all our customers and provide 1 on 1 training.

Question: What are the audit points on which you can provide savings?
Answer: GSRs, MBG, Address Corrections, Residential Delivery, Duplicates, Voids, Saturday Delivery & Pickup, and others.

Question: Do you perform a “Historical Audit” when we go live with you?
Answer: Yes. We perform Historical Audits for all our Audit points.

Question: Why should I use Audintel instead of other Freight Auditors?
Answer: We audit and process carrier invoices for maximum refunds and maximum efficiency in business processes. We get you the automated refunds of GSRs, MBGs, and Non-GSR refunds. Overall, we can boost your savings up to 30%.

Question: Does Audintel use BPO/Call Center?
Answer: Yes. We have two divisions. One is a software division and the other is an Operations division. As part of the operation division, we provide support to our customers through BPOs. We have a call center and to resolve disputes, we call the carriers on behalf of our clients to obtain credits.

Question: Do you do a free test Audit for us?
Answer: Yes, we provide a free proof of concept for Small Parcel Audit on your data for the last 3 months. This will help you compare our potential savings w.r.t. your current Auditors.

Question: Do you do a Rate Audit?
Answer: Yes, we do a Rate Audit for you based on the Contract provided by you, which helps you identify the billing discrepancy in your invoices.

Question: Are you SOC2 compliant?
Answer: There are two types of SOC2 attestations. SOC2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2. We are SOC2 Type 1 Compliant. We are in the process of obtaining SOC2 Type 2 Compliance.