Small parcel audit to improve bottom line

Small parcel audit: necessary to improve your bottom line

Same-day shipping has become the norm for most e-commerce orders. Further, according to reports, e-commerce sales are growing exponentially every year. Emphasis on digitalization and cashless payments are on the rise. There are chances of shipping and invoicing mistakes by shippers and shipping carriers. Identifying these mistakes is essential for conducting profitable businesses. A small parcel audit helps shippers identify and rectify these mistakes.

In this article, we will explore the concept of small-parcel shipping. In addition, we will discuss small parcel auditing. We will also discuss why small parcel audits are necessary for logistic businesses globally.

Small parcel shipping

Small parcels are packages that weigh less than seventy pounds. Goods get packed in envelopes, poly mailers, or boxes for cost-effective shipping. Customers receive their small parcels through shipping carriers. Shipping small parcels requires careful planning and good logistics. The choice of shipping carriers can impact the shippers’ bottom line.

Small parcel delivery is vital for businesses to retain their reputation. Shippers face the customers’ ire if a small parcel gets delayed, damaged, or misplaced. Customer satisfaction is paramount for business to grow. Thus, tracking small parcel deliveries and saving time is necessary for shippers. A small parcel audit can help any business save money and time.

What is a small parcel audit?

A small parcel audit involves reviewing shipping bills and invoices. It helps identify overcharges and service failures by shipping carriers. Many shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL promise refunds for errors or service failures. A small parcel audit reviews each shipment for errors and service failures. In addition, it conveys the results to the shippers for appropriate action.

What are service failures?

Small parcel delivery services are possible through small parcel carriers like FedEx, UPS, Ontrac, DHL, CanadaPost, Purolator, etc. Their failure to ship small parcels as committed is a service failure. There are several service failures from shipping carriers.

Some of the service failures by shipping carriers include:

  • Late deliveries- Delivery to the customer beyond the committed time and date.
  • Voids- Packages are billed but not shipped.
  • Duplicate charges- Invoice billing done twice.
  • Avoidable address corrections- Charges for trivial address corrections.
  • Incorrect dimensional weight charges- carriers have taken the wrong measurements of the parcel.
  • Account validation – failure to validate shipments considered for payment for an existing customer account number.
  • Proof-of-Delivery –incorrect identification of POD or an invalid POD.
  • Zone validation – fail to use correct postal codes to validate carrier zone assignment.
  • Erroneous rates- the shipping carrier has given the incorrect discount.

These service failures need rectification immediately so that shippers do not lose money. Logistic businesses can claim refunds for service failures from small parcel carriers. Further, it can reduce shipping costs.

Small parcel auditing

Earlier, there was manual parcel auditing. Employees had to identify all billing errors physically. They had to review several invoices. The review of excessive paperwork was tedious. Shippers had to hire specialist auditors for this labor-intensive work. It took time to gather information and was not cost-effective. Many resources had to spend time and money during auditing. Shippers could save money and resources by adopting small parcel auditing software.

Software-assisted small parcel auditing

US parcel shipping volumes are likely to reach 225 billion by 2028, according to Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index. There’s a need to optimize shipping operations with shipping volumes increase. Shipping companies have started adopting software technology, which is maximizing their profits. Shippers require in-depth visibility of parcel spend with the help of data. Further, shippers can review their invoices digitally. By analyzing the data readily available, enhancement of shipping methods is possible.

Small parcel auditing is possible with specialized software. It gives complete visibility of the shipping operations. Small parcel management with real-time tracking of shipments is beneficial for shippers. Further, refunds for late deliveries from shipping carriers aid businesses in saving money and time. In addition, surcharges like residential delivery surcharges, address correction surcharges, remote area fees, etc., are monitored by the software. Businesses can avoid extra fees with data-backed small parcel audit software.

Small parcel audits benefit a logistic business

Small parcel audits are essential for logistic business operations. These audits help in saving shipping costs for shipping companies. Businesses can monitor the complexity of managing fees, agreements, and money-back guarantees. Small parcel audit processes reduce overall shipping costs for companies. Shipping costs can decrease to about 20% by claiming eligible refunds from shipping carriers.

Small parcel audits allow businesses to save money through refunds from small parcel carriers. Small parcel audits help in the timely identification of late deliveries and automatic refunds. Moreover, shippers can profit by renegotiating their carrier contracts with the shipping carriers. Shippers can negotiate for an advantageous deal with valuable insights from small parcel audits.

Additional benefits of using small parcel audit services

Shippers can save immensely by reviewing data from small parcel audits. It helps shippers to understand any inefficiencies in their systems. These audits identify additional surcharges to companies. For instance, a small parcel audit can identify a parcel sent to the wrong location and recover money. Based on shipment complexity, in-house auditing is expensive for businesses. And so, when logistic companies want to save time and money, they outsource to companies providing small parcel audit services.

One such company is Audintel, which can analyze data to identify billing errors and overcharges. We can strategize solutions to remedy the mistakes. We provide small parcel audit services with state-of-the-art AI-powered dashboards and business intelligence tools. Moreover, we give easy-to-understand shipping reports for businesses to save thousands of dollars.

How do small parcel audit services function?

Companies offering small parcel audit services understand the shippers’ business needs. Small parcel audit services create an online login for the shipper. Further, there is a linkage with the parcel carrier’s systems. Real-time parcel tracking till the point of delivery of the shipment is carried out. Whenever there is a service failure, the generation of an invoice occurs. Subsequently, there is an automatic invoice audit, and an automatic claim is submitted. The audit team contacts the shipping carriers with the claim. The shipping company gets a quick refund. The entire process involves a software tool working in the background.

Small parcel auditing and technology

Small parcel audit services have a dedicated database for each shipping company. There is visibility on each aspect of the shipping information. The data ranges from the parcel origin, destination, charges, etc. Small parcel audit companies use interactive, AI-powered dashboards. An automated BI platform helps to identify extra fees. They help in analyzing problematic areas and negotiate knowledgeably with shipping carriers. After a parcel is shipped, there is an audit at each level. In addition, there is evidence at each service level.

Shippers can save money by claiming UPS and FedEx refunds that otherwise go unclaimed every year. Small parcel management is possible with easy-to-use dashboards and dynamic shipping reports provided by small parcel audit services.

What are the advantages of using small parcel audit services?

The services provided by a small parcel audit company include:

  • E-connectivity with the shipping carrier and parcel invoicing system
  • Transparency in shipment operations
  • Tracking each parcel with accuracy
  • Interacting with parcel carriers to resolve any disputes
  • Check for any violation of guaranteed service agreements
  • Identifying any overcharges made by the parcel carriers

Small parcel audit services provide support to logistic companies. The experts providing these services are well-versed in each aspect of the shipping process. Their exhaustive auditing processes help shippers reduce costs.


Customer satisfaction is paramount for the logistics industry. Customers can change their choice of company or business based on a bad or good shipping experience. It is painful for shippers if they lose customer trust. A small parcel audit helps identify each charge and ask for a refund. It is vital for real-time confirmation of billing errors. Logistic companies can reduce shipment spend by doing a small parcel audit. Audintel provides small parcel audit solutions for seamless shipping operations.

For further queries on small parcel audits, please call Audintel at +1 (619) 354 8539 or drop a mail at [email protected].

Small Parcel Audit Services.

Advanced and cost-effective small parcel audit services

Omnichannel retailers and e-commerce are seeing booming growth. Further, businesses can expect a rise in the small parcel shipping volumes. According to some reports, the US Courier, Express, And Parcel (CEP) Market will have increased growth. Thus, there is substantial pressure on shippers to deliver better. Businesses have to give competitive, cost-effective shopping experiences to customers. The need to evaluate and audit different business aspects is necessary.  

Parcel auditing involves examining shipping invoices, analyzing carrier services, and identifying mistakes. Companies can audit their small parcel shipments by manual audits, use audit software, or outsource it. Manual audits require companies to invest resources. In addition, manual audits are prone to human errors. Parcel audit software is expensive and requires a technical understanding of using the software. Parcel audit services manage the entire audit process. They allow companies to focus on their core competencies and increase profits.

Our earlier blogs focused on the challenges of small parcel shipping and the importance of KPI dashboards and Business Intelligence in parcel auditing. Here, we discuss small parcel audit services and some essential audit points. In addition, we highlight Audintel’s small parcel audit services.

Small parcel audit services

During the peak season, shippers worry whether their parcels are reaching customers on time. If shippers send thousands of parcels daily, keeping track of each shipment is tedious and time-consuming. It is easier to outsource auditing small parcel shipments to companies specializing in this field.

An in-depth review of shipping invoices is integral to parcel audit services. Moreover, parcel auditing services validate carrier contracts. The analysis of shipping data provides valuable insights into shipping operations. With the help of advanced technology tools, small parcel audits identify shipping errors. These errors could be wrong weights of parcels, incorrect entry of addresses, etc. Several shipping mistakes can occur during small parcel shipping.

Parcel audit services have identified more than 50 audit points. Some of the noteworthy audit points include:

Late deliveries

Delays in delivery of small parcels or late deliveries affect businesses. Shippers either offer refunds or discounts to customers to retain them. Late deliveries can impact customer satisfaction and loss of business growth. Negative online reviews from the affected customers can cause more damage to businesses.

Companies can prevent late deliveries by using parcel audit services. Parcel auditors provide real-time tracking of shipments. It allows shippers to claim refunds from parcel carriers for late deliveries. Real-time delivery updates sent to customers and package locations make the customers invested in the shipping process. Further, shippers can also partner with third-party logistics providers (3PL) to prevent late deliveries.

Items manifested but not shipped.

Shipping manifests are documents detailing the goods to be shipped. Complete shipping information for multiple shipments is part of the manifest. The manifest contains a package quantity, weight, and reference number. Shipping manifest allows seamless handover between shipper and parcel carriers.

On placing orders, the generation of manifests and billing occurs. However, orders may change after the billing of the manifest. For example, a company has to ship eighty packages. A manifest is created and billed. But, if the company wants to add ten more packages to the order, there is a new manifest generation, and the shipment occurs. But, the company has to pay fees for the original manifest, which was not shipped. In addition, it has to pay for the ninety packages shipped. The double billing leads to a rise in shipping costs for the company.

Parcel audit services have software platforms that identify packages manifested but not shipped. It alerts the shippers about the mistakes in billing and saves money.

Residential surcharges

Additional fees applied by parcel carriers to packages shipped to a home or a home business are residential surcharges. These fees are in addition to a parcel carrier’s base rate. UPS and FedEx apply residential surcharges to small parcels shipped to a residential location. So, residential surcharges can increase the shipping costs for businesses. Alternatively, using USPS and hybrid services helps prevent residential surcharges.

Parcel auditors provide details on the residential surcharges to shippers. Further, auditors suggest methods to reduce residential surcharge costs. They help in identifying whether the address is eligible for a residential surcharge. Small parcel audit services help shippers by getting discounted rates from shipping carriers. Moreover, parcel auditors advise shippers to negotiate residential surcharges in the carrier contracts.

Delivery Area surcharges

One of the common surcharges applied by shipping carriers is the delivery area surcharge (DAS). It is an additional fee when a package is delivered or picked up in an area outside the parcel carriers’ shipping area. Rural areas and remote locations fall under the DAS category. Depending on the ZIP codes and addresses, parcel carriers decide the delivery area surcharge. Shipping carriers are planning to add more number of ZIP codes in 2024. And so, preventing DAS becomes essential for businesses to avoid escalating costs.

Shippers can reduce their shipping costs by using the services of carriers that don’t charge DAS. Experts in logistics can help identify such services. Small parcel auditors have the knowledge to advise businesses on preventing DAS charges. Further, shippers can opt for regional carriers for last-mile deliveries. Companies can reduce shipping costs by partnering with third-party logistics.

Address corrections

Companies lose thousands of dollars on address correction surcharges. Parcel carriers levy additional fees if there is a mismatch between the addresses. Shipment addresses are the addresses where the order has to be delivered. Businesses incur huge losses if they enter the wrong shipment address on the package. Or they do not validate their addresses before shipping.

Parcel auditing keeps a close eye on the invoices and detects address anomalies. Parcel audit services have cutting-edge technology that can automatically identify mismatched addresses. In addition, shippers can use software that eliminates the potential risk of entering incorrect shipment addresses. 

Signature requirements

Some businesses need delivery confirmation and require signatures from their customer. Most valuable goods like jewelry and electronic items need signatures for delivery confirmation. UPS and FedEx provide Signature Required delivery services to companies. These are additional fees levied by shipping carriers for the signature-required services. The recipient has to sign for the parcel before its release. Shipping costs vary depending on the type of services opted by the shippers.

Small parcel auditors negotiate discounts for shippers. In addition, the auditing team has experts who can suggest services that will suit business needs. Parcel audit services like Audintel save money for shippers with discounted rates..

Save on your next shipment with Audintel.

Many eligible refunds remain unclaimed by businesses due to a lack of time or resources. Companies don’t take advantage of the service guarantees offered by small parcel carriers. Audintel’s small parcel audit services ensure timely refunds from shipping carriers. In addition, we address billing errors and ensure shipping carriers meet their service guarantees.

Our business intelligence tools help shippers monitor their shipping rates and surcharges. Audintel’s experts closely examine shipping invoices and advise our clients about discrepancies. With valuable insights into the shipping data from Audintel, shippers can negotiate great deals with parcel carriers. Audintel optimizes small parcel shipments seamlessly.

To wrap it up.

Companies find it complex to identify inaccuracies in shipping invoices on their own. Parcel audit software has its drawbacks. Small parcel audit services help companies streamline their shipping processes with minimal effort. Parcel audit services are vital for the efficient and cost-effective management of your transportation spend. Choosing Audintel is beneficial for businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Are you ready to optimize your shipping operations with small parcel audit services? Contact us at +1 (619) 354 8539. to learn about our parcel audit services. In addition, you can visit our Audintel website.

Small Parcel Shipping Solutions

How quick small parcel shipping increases business profits?

According to experts, the shipping volume of parcel shipping has grown exponentially in the US. Small parcel volume growth will increase further due to the booming e-commerce market. In addition, technological advancements like drones and robots are making parcel delivery more efficient and contactless. But, advanced technology comes with higher costs. Small businesses face the challenge of high shipping rates during parcel deliveries. Shipping costs will add to the turnover if you are a small business or a startup.

Businesses require cheap and reliable shipping solutions to be competitive. This blog will focus on how small parcel shipping solutions will help companies grow.

Small parcel shipping solutions for businesses

Supply chain visibility is complex and challenging for shippers. Small parcel management software helps small businesses gain real-time visibility of their shipping operations. It provides data that are analyzed to make better business decisions. Shippers can optimize logistics, enhance efficiency, and manage and communicate with shipping carriers. Further, audit solutions identify shipping exceptions like overpayment, claim submissions, refund retrieval, and more. Small parcel shipping solutions should be fast, reliable, and affordable.

Fast small parcel shipping services

Businesses that offer same-day parcel deliveries to their customers have a competitive edge in the market. It can impact their sales and revenue and create expansion opportunities. Further, customers gain confidence that their orders will be sent to them quickly. It boosts customer loyalty and helps attract new customers. Nowadays, e-commerce companies profit from fast parcel shipping services.

So, what is the strategy to ensure fast small parcel shipping?

Companies have to streamline their order processing for faster shipping. It is possible by using an automated system for inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping label generation. Automating warehouse operations can minimize human error and reduce processing time to faster parcel delivery.

Choosing the best parcel carrier or multiple shipping carriers is necessary. Businesses partner with reliable shipping carriers that provide on-time and expedited parcel delivery. For instance, USPS has convenient pick-up locations for quick delivery to businesses. Regional shipping carriers can deliver parcels quickly. Companies can also opt for software that optimizes delivery routes for faster shipping. In addition, drone technology may disrupt last-mile, quick parcel delivery.

Reliable business shipping solutions

Advanced shipping software helps in comparing shipping rates and tracking packages. Shippers can use multiple reliable parcel carriers for shipping. It allows them the flexibility to use alternative parcel carriers if an existing parcel carrier has service disruptions. A parcel delivery guarantee is necessary if customers expect on-time delivery. For example, UPS offers fast and reliable delivery services with guaranteed timelines.

Further, investing in customized shipping software helps businesses increase shipping efficiency. Audintel helps companies achieve incremental growth by offering customized parcel management solutions.

Affordable small parcel shipping

In addition to providing fast parcel shipping services, shippers have to reduce the burden of high shipping costs. Customers prefer businesses that provide free shipping options. Hence, shippers must reduce shipping costs and satisfy customers. Companies add shipping costs to the price of the items so that they can offer free shipping to customers. Some businesses incentivize larger purchases by offering free shipping above a threshold.

Small parcel shipping costs are affected by distance, speed, and weight. Using 3PLs can minimize the parcel delivery destination time. Further, shippers must reduce shipping costs by using intelligent packaging solutions. USPS offers the most competitive rates for shipping lightweight packages. Hence, shippers choose parcel carriers that offer shipping discounts on the service levels and types. FedEx Express services offer cheaper rates compared to other parcel carriers.

Surcharges of different shipping carriers also impact shipping costs. So, shippers must check fuel surcharges and other accessorials of shipping carriers to prevent paying more. Businesses having huge volumes of small parcel shipping will benefit by investing in business intelligence software. Audintel has an intuitive technology platform to monitor every aspect of a business’s supply chain..

Global business shipping solutions

Shipppers opt for reputable carriers for secure and hassle-free shipping of small parcels. Global businesses opt for parcel carriers that offer insurance to ensure the security of goods during transit. Customers should get their products safely, so investing in proper packing and shipping services is necessary for businesses.

In addition, partnering with fulfillment centers helps shippers minimize the delivery time. Shippers should have access to an international fulfillment network. It helps businesses grow globally with the help of scalable fulfillment services. Audintel’s audit solutions help shippers in achieving operational excellence.

The bottom line

Scaling business operations with the rise in shipping costs is like walking a tightrope. But, using shipping software that understands a business’ needs makes life easier. Small parcel shipping solutions include artificial intelligence and automation for businesses to achieve greater heights.

Audintel has the best-in-class Transportation Spend Management (TSM) software that caters to growing businesses. We help clients save time and money with our next-generation solutions. Know more about small parcel shipping solutions for your business by contacting us at +1 (619) 354 8539. You can alternatively visit our Audintel website.


How to overcome challenges of small parcel shipping?

Small Parcel shipping is challenging for many shippers. Businesses need strategic solutions with the right software tools to ship small parcels efficiently.

The convenience of ordering online is here to stay. Experts believe there’s been a significant increase in the volume of shipping small parcels to customers directly over the past few years. However, small parcel shipping domestically or internationally requires strategic planning. Inflation, record-high gas prices, supply chain disruptions, and more contribute to various challenges during shipping. Shippers need to automate shipping processes to save time and enhance customer satisfaction. This blog will focus on the challenges shippers face when shipping small parcels.

Small parcel shipping

Packages such as envelopes, posters, small boxes, etc., weighing less than 150 lbs are small parcels. Shipment of small packages requires efficient pickup, transit, and delivery. They do not occupy full truckload capacity like freight or large packages. Each small parcel order is unique and has various requirements. Shippers face challenges when shipping small parcels direct to customers (D2C).

Some of these challenges include:

  • Management of high volumes of small parcels

As customers shifted to e-purchases, there has been a rise in small parcel shipping volumes. Warehouse workers and truckers keep parcel volumes moving to prevent supply chain disruptions. LTL carriers disassemble small parcels or less than pallet load (LPL) shipments to fill their trucks. It may cause damage to the goods during transit.

  • Labor requirements

Processing small parcel shipments requires more labor or workers than bulk shipments. It leads to higher shipping costs for shippers. This cost is either transferred to customers as shipping fees or is a part of the product. Companies hire more people for warehouses and fulfillment centers for shipping small parcels.

  • Overcoming packaging hurdles

Small packages can vary in size, weight, and dimensions. Picking out the ideal packaging material is necessary to prevent shipping delays. Padded mailers and envelopes are appropriate for single items. Fragile items need packing in boxes with proper dimensions to avoid damaging goods in transit. In addition, heavy packages cost more to ship than light ones.

  • Accessorial fees charges

Many transportation service providers charge accessorial fees for small parcel shipping. These fees are residential charges, additional handling, address correction, weekend pickup/delivery, and more.

  • Selection of appropriate parcel carriers and services

Last-mile delivery of small parcels is essential for better customer satisfaction. Choosing the correct local parcel carriers is necessary as inexperienced and untrained courier staff can damage the goods. Hence, selecting the parcel carrier and the appropriate services allows shippers to cater to their customers’ needs.

Retail consumers expect on-time delivery and updated arrival status of packages. And failure to meet customers’ expectations causes loss of repeat business. Providing reliable services with greater visibility gives shippers an advantage over their competitors. Many parcel carriers like UPS and FedEx enhance customer experience with their services.

UPS small parcels

UPS has various options for small parcel delivery that are tailor-made for small businesses. They provide access to Drop Boxes, pickup options, and an-inclusive rate for shipments. They have defined the price range and service level for small parcel deliveries of particular dimensions at specific times. For example, UPS Ground services can provide 1-5 delivery dates for shipping small parcels.

FedEx small parcels

FedEx has different package classifications based on size and weight for delivering small parcels. For instance, FedEx’s Flat packages have short dimensions and a volume of around 400 cubic inches. FedEx has various small parcel limits for domestic Ground services than Express Services.

A third-party (3PL) provider helps shippers in carrier management. They can negotiate better shipping rates for shippers to get better discounts. Further, they can compare carrier performances and suggest services of multiple parcel carriers. With expert knowledge of packaging expertise, they can provide cost-effective solutions.

Audintel- for faster and cheaper small parcel shipping

Our state-of-the-art shipping optimization platform helps manage small parcel delivery. We offer customizable dashboards that continuously monitor shipping status and on-time delivery of packages. Audintel’s automated real-time customer notifications keep our clients abreast of the entire shipping operations of packages. Our expert team can provide shippers with data to compare carrier performance, identify areas of saving money and time, and more.

Companies can streamline their small parcel shipping needs with Audintel’s Transportation Management System (TMS). We provide customized views within our dashboards even for the shipping’s made through small parcels to different destinations. Moreover, our software tools help reduce shipping costs for our clients by providing alternate solutions.   


During the pandemic, there was a drop in sales of brick-and-mortar products. E-commerce sales of small packages have grown exponentially. Smooth, reliable small parcel shipping is vital for shippers to improve their profitability. So, efficient management of high volumes of small parcels with advanced shipping software solutions is the need of the hour. Partnering with Audintel helps shippers overcome these challenges. We address each business’ unique customer preferences to ensure effortless, cost-effective delivery of small parcels.

Along with customized dashboards, Audintel do have 200+ reports available in their portal which are available for live customers which will help in generating and scheduling the reports based on their required criteria.

Wondering how much it will cost for small parcel shipping? Learn more about small parcels by contacting us at +1 (619) 354 8539 or visiting our Audintel website.


Competitive parcel auditing services: essential for shippers

With rising inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices, businesses need to economize and improve profitability. Shipping small packages to customers needs scrutiny as service failures lead to higher expenses for shippers.

Affordable patent auditing services are essential to monitoring shipping expenses. Our earlier blog focused on affordable parcel auditing services that reduce shipping costs. This article focuses on the various aspects of parcel auditing services, such as package shipping spend, services offered, and their software.

Affordable parcel auditing services

Parcel auditing analyzes the shipping data of companies and unearths any invoice errors. Parcel auditing services of parcel auditing companies work to fix the invoice errors and get refunds from the shipping carriers. Web-based technology used by parcel auditors spares shippers from purchasing hardware, thus saving money. In addition, parcel auditing services do not involve set-up fees or up-gradation in current technology resulting in cost savings.

Parcel shipping spend

According to the latest reports in business wire, US parcel volume will grow exponentially by 2027. It is due to increasing demand for internet retail. Small parcel shipping is a critical component of shipping systems. An audit on small parcel shipping spend allows companies to save money. Shippers are eligible for a refund from shipping carriers for service failures like late deliveries, invalid surcharges, billing errors, and more. Parcel auditors like Audintel have a real-time dashboard that monitors small packages’ shipping spend while controlling shipping costs.

Outsourcing parcel auditing

Manual parcel auditing is time-consuming and is prone to human errors. So, by outsourcing parcel audit work to a third party, shippers save time as they do not need to track each shipment and file refund claims. Further, the parcel auditors secure refunds for service failures with direct credit to shippers’ accounts. Parcel auditing services provided by a third party give companies valuable insights into their shipping process.

Services offered by a parcel auditing company

Small parcel auditing is a complex process that requires data evaluation at each stage of the shipping process. Parcel auditing companies analyze the parcel invoices from the shipping carriers. In addition, tracking parcel delivery to customers and information about any shortcomings is conveyed to the business owner. Some of the common service failures made by parcel carriers include:

  • Late deliveries: Parcel delivery to the customer beyond the scheduled delivery time
  • Surcharge errors: Parcel invoices with incorrect address correction charges, delivery area surcharge, and other surcharge errors
  • Dimensional weight errors: Shipping carriers levy wrong dimensional weight charges on packages
  • Duplicate charges: Double invoicing for a single parcel shipment
  • Manifested not shipped parcels: Shipping carriers like UPS charge for a package manifested but not sent to its destination
  • Deviation from negotiated shipping rates and discounts: Parcel shipment with different shipping rates and discounts.

Parcel auditing services offered by parcel auditing companies provide effective solutions for service failures. They inform business owners about billing errors, changes in shipping rates, additional surcharges, etc. Parcel auditors use intuitive auditing software that automatically notifies any discrepancies in the shipping process.

Small parcel auditing software

The tracking and monitoring of each small parcel shipment use cloud-based shipping software. The data analysis improves shipping spend management and curbs excessive expenses. In addition, the software monitors the performance of shipping carriers, identifies invoice errors, and files for unclaimed refunds. Shippers reduce their parcel shipping spend and improve their shipping operations with ease.

Freight audit software

Freight audit software minimizes complex freight auditing processes. Due to the automation of the freight audit process, labor decreases, and cost-efficiency increases. The shippers get greater clarity of their shipping expenses. Also, there is streamlining of the shipping process. Further, automatic uploading of the shipping documents into the system helps track invoices efficiently. Freight audit software benefits many industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, electronics, etc.

The software used by parcel auditors improves customer satisfaction and increases brand loyalty, which benefits shippers’ businesses.

Benefits of using Audintel’s services

Parcel auditing services of Audintel are economical and customized to cater to our client’s needs. We provide greater transparency to our clients by using their shipping data. Audintel has more than forty customized dashboards and shipping reports for our clients. Our team uses updated, secure technology to track and monitor the shipping data of our clients. We assist business owners in negotiating the best carrier contracts and saving money. Companies benefit tremendously by partnering with Audintel as it honors their parcel delivery commitments to customers. We help shippers receive refunds promptly from shipping carriers for service failures and increase their profits.

Final thoughts

Small parcel delivery services like FedEx and UPS do not always stick to their delivery commitments. It impacts the shippers as they have to deal with angry customers. Companies offer extra credit or special offers to keep customers happy, thus involving double expenses. Audintel’s parcel auditing services give companies a helping hand in receiving all the refund credits from shipping carriers. To know better about the full extent of our parcel auditing services, contact us at +1 (619) 354 8539 or visit our Audintel website.

parcel audit services

Affordable parcel audit services for reducing shipping costs

Are you confused about the calculation of shipping rates during small parcel shipping? Find it difficult to track small parcels. Further, claiming refunds for late deliveries of packages is full of hassles. Then, it is time to partner with parcel audit services. This article will explore why parcel audit services are necessary for reducing shipping costs.

Why do businesses need parcel audit services?

The destination, type of parcel carrier, and weight of parcels control the shipping costs of companies. Shippers need cost-effective solutions to ship small packages internationally. Moreover, custom clearances of international shipments require proper documentation. Keeping track of refunds from parcel carriers is a tedious task if done manually. Also, shippers seek discounts when negotiating with shipping carriers. The above factors make it essential for businesses to partner with parcel audit services. It gives peace of mind and reduces shipping costs for businesses.

How do parcel audit services save money?

Manual in-house audits require time and engage the resources of companies. So partnering with parcel audit services helps companies save money on administrative costs and time. A comprehensive review of shipping invoices aids companies in identifying any service failures by parcel carriers. In addition, it allows shippers to claim refunds from the parcel carriers for overcharging, late deliveries, or incorrect shipping fees. The weight and dimensions of packages contribute to a rise in shipping costs. The innovative solutions provided by parcel audit services help in lowering shipping costs. Our earlier article gives more information regarding the benefits of parcel audit services.

Reduce international shipping costs with parcel audit services

International shipping has become expensive due to various reasons beyond anybody’s control. Due to a rise in shipping costs, customers abandon shopping carts leading to businesses losing money. By partnering with parcel audit services, companies reduce shipping costs seamlessly using different methods such as:

Negotiating with a fulfillment center

Companies negotiate with a fulfillment center for discounts according to their business requirements. Shippers can spread their inventory across many warehouses across a country due to fruitful negotiations with a fulfillment partner. These negotiations help in lowering shipping costs to a large extent.

Optimizing packaging of goods

Heavy and oversized packages are expensive for shippers. Shippers need to have better alternatives for overweight and oversize parcels. And so, innovative packaging helps shippers reduce the weight and dimensions of packages. For instance, poly mailers instead of boxes help in reducing packaging costs.

Switching parcel carriers

Shippers can save money by switching parcel carriers according to the suggestions given by parcel audit services. Hence, choosing regional parcel carriers that offer cheaper shipping rates with quality delivery service is more beneficial for shippers. Negotiating with several shipping carriers helps shippers get a better bargain for their shipping needs. In addition, hybrid services are gaining momentum among shippers.

Proper documentation

International shipments to different destinations need a lot of paperwork. Generally, most countries need documents like purchase order, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, Certificate of Origin, Letter of credit, export license, and insurance certificate accompanying the shipment. Lack of proper documents leads to late delivery of goods, thus leading to loss of revenue.

Prepaid shipping

Businesses that usually ship the same weight packages can opt for prepaid shipping. Prepaid shipping allows shippers to buy shipping labels in advance instead of paying for an individual one at the time of shipping. It provides a discount of up to 20 percent to businesses.

Parcel carrier contract negotiations

Parcel audit services negotiate with shipping carriers for better shipping rates and discounts. Shipping information that includes shipping history, volumes, and accessorial fees is a part of the negotiations. Having shipping data at the fingertips helps in parcel rate negotiations to a great extent. Parcel audit services have experts well versed in carrier contract negotiations and recommend different parcel carriers for particular services. Small parcel negotiations are essential for companies to get the maximum benefits without loss of revenue.

Parcel audit services help lower a company’s overall shipping costs without any hassles. Learn more about reducing shipping costs in our blog.

Reliable, affordable parcel audit services of Audintel

At Audintel, we reduce the shipping costs of businesses seamlessly. Our intuitive dashboards and comprehensive shipping reports are the best in the market. We have the expertise to handle the shipping data of our clients and negotiate the best deals with the parcel carriers. Our team of experts tracks each shipment and claims refunds for any damages or late deliveries from the parcel carriers. We offer insights into the future and identify conditions that can be prevented or need improvement. Our audits cover shipping invoices so that clients don’t get overcharged unnecessarily. Audintel provides intelligent, reliable, and affordable parcel audit services to clients.

 To summarize

There are more than forty audit checkpoints, so shippers need help solving the various complex aspects of parcel auditing. Parcel auditing services have the requisite automated technology, data analysis skills, and experience to empower shippers to make informed decisions. In short, Audintel handles small parcel audit services for our clients, giving them the necessary peace of mind. Discover our entire range of parcel audit services by contacting us today or you can call us at +1 (619) 354 8539. Visit our Audintel website to know more about parcel auditing.