Audit Advantage

Audintel positively disrupted the shipping invoice audit industry with the most robust, state-of-the-art, small parcel audit business intelligence platform on the market. We have continued to expanded our technology from small parcel to freight to develop the next generation supply chain analytics and an actionable, agile automation platform.

Audintel’s real-time analytics, intelligent dashboards and benchmarking drives smarter business decisions and outcomes while effectively managing complex global supply chains across all modes of transportation: Small Parcel, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Intermodal, Full Truckload, Less than Truckload and Courier.


We have positively disrupted the Small Parcel and Freight Invoice Audit space by developing state-of-the-art cost mitigation methodologies and processes through the business intelligence of our AACE Platform.

AACE is the most sophisticated and comprehensive Billing Error identification process in the industry, isolating all invalid, inaccurate and unwarranted charges, as well as highly accurate identification of Service Failures which warrant a refund. The combination of our AACE technology, integrated machine learning to constantly improve savings performance and a professionally trained and staffed Call Center to call claims into the Carriers, results in the greatest return per spend dollar in the industry. Sign up for a trial run and see what you can save.

AACE is the Most Sophisticated and Comprehensive Billing Error Identification Platform in the Industry  

  • Full audit and claims filing process for FedEx, UPS, OnTrac, Purolator, DHL, GSO, Canada Post (with more to follow), International Air, LTL/FTL, and more
  • Full visibility and reporting for USPS, Newgistics, Regional/Local Couriers
  • A robust SaaS “Business Intelligence” Portal to provide Carrier Performance Monitoring and Key Metrics
  • Best in Class Cloud Hosting provider – Data is Encrypted, Secure, Scalable & Stable
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Canned (100+), Ad Hoc & Custom
  • Realtime Big Data Analysis – our platform gives the users ability to sort millions of records in real-time
  • Online Invoice Search & Visibility
  • Custom “Account Groups” per Shipping Location or Division
  • Interactive Executive Dashboard with dozens of “Dashlets”

Get More Business Intelligence and Shipping Cost Mitigation with Audintel AACE Technology  

  • Significant Reduction in Annual Shipping Expense
  • Typical savings from 5-20% – 2-6% Audit Only Most
  • Comprehensive Audit in the industry
    • Call Center – Achieves up to 30% more in parcel carrier refund credits
    • The most advanced claims filing process and methodologies
  • Latest Technology and Continuous Development of Solution/Services
  • Centralized Data Warehouse (for all Carriers/Couriers)
    • Over 125 Standard Reports
    • Customizable Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Configurable Executive Dashboard
    • Key Performance Metrics and Spend Management
  • GL Cost Allocation and Coding – Increase efficiency – Reduce Labor Costs
  • Carrier Contract Optimization Tool
  • Proactive Management of Carrier Agreements/Freight Spend Optimizationy
    • Carrier “Cost Modeling”
    • Detailed/Granular Analytics, Bid Development, Negotiation Strategy/Management
    • Former Parcel Carrier Sr. Pricing Analysts/Freight Carrier Pricing Manager


We provide the most comprehensive “Line-Item” Invoice Audit and claims filing process in the industry and we perform a systematic Multi-Point Invoice Audit on Parcel and Freight, to identify all invalid, inaccurate or unwarranted charges that can potentially be invoiced.

Billing Error Transparency Drives Supply Chain Cost Mitigation

Small Parcel Audit Points  

Non Parcel Audit Points  

  • Incorrect Rate
  • Incorrect Discount
  • Incorrect Accessorial
  • Late Delivery Ground
  • Late Delivery Air
  • Late Delivery International
  • DIM (Dimensional Weight)
  • Voids
  • Address Corrections Air
  • Address Corrections Ground
  • Commercial/Residential Adjustments
  • Delivery Area Surcharge
  • Contract Rate and Tier Audits
  • Hundredweight Shipments
  • DAS Extended
  • DAS Rural
  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Duplicate Tracking Number
  • Contract Negotiation
  • International Import and Export
  • Incorrectly Billed Collect Shipments
  • ASD with no weight
  • Lost Claims
  • Damage Claims
  • Undelivered Returns Visibility
  • Weight Accuracy
  • Special Contract Consideration
  • Verification
  • Large Package Surcharge
  • Incorrectly billed 3rd Party Shipments, who’s using your account number
  • Late Payment Fee Visibility
  • Saturday Pick-Up and Delivery Validation
  • Invalid Account Number Usage
  • Return Service Labels not used (RSV, RTL, RSL, ARS)
  • Additional Handling Charges
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Hazmat Materials
  • Duplicate Billings
  • Duplicate Accessorial Charges
  • Incorrectly Applied Accessorial Charges
  • Incorrectly Assessed Tariff Weight Breaks
  • Alteration of Tariff Rates
  • Mathematical Errors
  • Incorrectly Calculated Fuel Surcharges
  • Carrier Routing Compliance
  • Incorrectly Billed Accounts/Locations
  • Incorrect Freight Classifications
  • Incorrect Payment Terms
  • Unauthorized Lift Gate Charges
  • Unauthorized Inside Pickup or Delivery
  • Extra Labor – Loading/Unloading
  • Incorrect Mileage Calculations
  • Incorrect Discount Factors
  • Erroneous Charges
  • Correct City, State, Country
  • Statute of Limitations on Invoicing
  • Waived Accessorial Charges
  • Verification of DIM Weight Spec (if rate is based on this unit of measure)
  • Misrouting for Carrier Convenience
  • Missing or Incorrect Discounts
  • Incorrect Tariffs
  • Validation of Cubic Capacity and Exclusive Use
  • Vehicle Ordered But Not Used

Call Center

When the AACE platform identifies all Service Failures which are eligible for a refund, we quickly contest and file claims on our client’s behalf, and generate the appropriate refund credits or invoice adjustments. When human intervention is warranted, we have a professionally trained and staffed Call Center which will call and negotiate claims with the Carriers. This additional layer of service yields significant performance results and the greatest return per spend dollar in the industry with up to 30% more in Refund Credits than simply filing claims electronically.