Freight Audit Companies

Top four factors in choosing the best Freight Audit company

Geopolitical disruptions require resilient supply chains worldwide. Many logistic firms are aiming for complete automation of the freight audit and payment processes. In addition, the global freight audit and payment market will have consistent growth. The market valuation will be at a CAGR of 17.68% between 2024-2032.

Businesses need freight audits and payment providers for enhanced supply chain visibility. Moreover, freight audits provide insightful data for assessing financial risks. They help in identifying billing errors and timely payment to shipping carriers. Discussion on freight audits was a part of our earlier articles. This article aims to help shippers choose the best freight audit company.

Freight Audit and payment solutions

Freight audit services include invoice verification and processing. The services provide great insights into a shipper’s transportation expenses. A freight audit and payment provider eliminates manual freight audit processes. Manual freight audits are prone to errors and increased spend over resources. Freight auditors scrutinize the complexity of freight rates of multiple carriers. A data-driven freight audit and payment (FAP) provider provides shippers with a competitive edge.

Freight payment companies

Outsourcing Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) processes help companies in strategic decision-making. It helps in saving money on freight spend. Freight audit companies use cutting-edge technology to give insights into data. Freight payment resolution is quick with automation. The role of the freight payment companies is paramount. It is for the seamless processing of freight invoices.

So, choosing the right freight audit company is vital for business growth. Shippers can choose the best freight audit company based on their business needs.

How do shippers choose the best Freight Audit company?

It is crucial to have information about the services of the various freight audit companies. The services could be across all transportation modes. In addition, the methods of conducting freight audits also vary. The range of technological solutions differentiates each freight audit company.

Freight audit software automates freight bill invoicing. Further, freight data in analytics can help streamline business operations. Collaborating with a freight audit and payment provider is a long-term partnership. However, selecting the best freight audit company requires some consideration.

Four points to consider for choosing the best Freight Audit company

Shippers have to evaluate the services of each prospective freight audit company. Selecting a freight audit provider involves scrutiny and insightful research. Here are four points to consider

  • Seasoned experts in the freight audit process

The freight audit and payment provider should have expertise in freight auditing. Shippers have to check their reputation and their longevity in the industry. Further, companies need to ask questions about their success stories. And whether they have robust and secure freight audit software. Shippers have to ask for references and reviews about their expertise. Their response to these questions will help in evaluating their expertise.

The right freight audit company will provide unique freight audit and payment solutions. They should have varied experience handling freight invoices, interacting with shipping carriers, and resolving mistakes. In addition, attention to detail for each service will benefit businesses.

Audintel’s experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology provides freight audit services that encompass all transportation modes. Freight audits cover modes such as LTL, Truckload, ocean freight, air Freight, intermodal, and more.

  • Easy-to-use technology with integration capabilities

Evaluation of the freight audit company’s technology is necessary. Their robust software platforms should seamlessly integrate with the existing platforms. For instance, their Freight Audit Platform should integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. The software platform should have an easy-to-use invoice UI, dashboards. The UI should help identify freight bill inaccuracies and automatically notify the stakeholders.

Monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of shipping carriers is a part of the evaluation. The freight audit and payment software should automatically track orders and check duplicate invoice errors. Further, auditors should communicate with shipping carriers for dispute resolution. It gives real-time data for improving freight delivery. It also increases the shipping efficiency of business operations.

The agile platform of Audintel provides real-time analytics and systematically audits freight invoices. We identify invalid, inaccurate charges and process refund claims. Our intuitive dashboards are customizable for companies to make faster decisions.

  • Transparency among stakeholders

Freight audits and payment providers have to provide transparency during payment. Freight payment accuracy increases with invoice audit. Invoices stored in electronic format are easier to audit and ensures that all freight invoices are accurate. It allows freight invoices to be up-to-date before freight payment processing.

Detailed data analytics gives transparency in evaluating shipping costs associated with freight invoices. Auditors check the freight invoices against the agreed terms of the carrier contracts. In addition, shipping reports give insights into the shipping operations of businesses. For example, shipping reports help in as feed for Accounts Payable (AP)

Our intelligent SaaS portal provides greater visibility into the shipping carrier performance metrics. Audintel Transportation Spend Management (TSM) tool avoids disruptions through strong shipping carrier relationships.

  • Customer support and user experience

Error-free freight invoice automation solutions are integral to a good freight audit company. They have to provide proactive customer support throughout the partnership. In addition, timely updates on the freight auditing process are vital. Shippers have to assess the cost-effective aspects of the partnership. Freight audit companies need to comply with all industry data protection regulations.

Shippers need to explore the pricing of the freight audit and payment software. Choosing the best freight audit company involves perusal of their automated systems. Comparing labor costs, extra charges, etc., against their competitors is equally essential. Ideally, freight audit companies can have a dedicated support staff for a business.

Audintel’s Transportation Spend Management (TSM) services reduce shipping costs and improve profits. We enable freight invoice processing with accurate bill payments.

Audintel’s Audit Advantage

Our automated full audit and claims process successfully processes claims. We have a “Line-Item” invoice Audit process that saves money for clients. Also, Audintel has a comprehensive Billing Error identification process powered by Amazon Web Services. Our technology saves 5-20% of annual shipping expenses for clients.

Audintel’s cloud-based platform is secure and encrypted. It helps in cost saving and improves operational excellence. Further, our customizable, intuitive dashboards give deep insights into shipping spend. We help businesses streamline their shipping processes.

Final thoughts

Firms need technological advancements to reduce discrepancies and financial losses. Automated freight audit processes are necessary to manage the complexities of logistics. Streamlined freight payments can reduce supply chain delays. It will have a positive impact on supply chain efficiency.

The benefits of outsourcing to FAP providers can eliminate freight invoice discrepancies. Freight audits reduce shipping costs and identify any problems with shipping carriers.

The above four points need consideration when choosing a freight audit company. The FAP provider should help shippers make informed decisions about their business. The experts at Audintel can advise businesses on the freight rates of different shippers. We can help shippers take care of their freight payments. Our freight audit services and technology are the best fit for shippers.Reach us at 619 354 8539 for information on freight audit services. For further Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions,  visit our Audintel website.