Small Parcel Shipping Solution

Small Parcel: Reduce the complexity with our simplified solution

Businesses are competing with each other to provide the best customer experience. Be it the shipping costs or faster delivery time. Moreover, a customer’s decision to buy depends on shorter delivery times. The transit time for small parcel deliveries is three days or less. According to some reports, the parcel delivery market will grow 4.2% from 2024 to 2030. Expanding e-commerce companies are driving the parcel delivery market.

Due to a decrease in shipping volumes, small parcel shipping costs may increase in 2024. It will affect small and medium businesses with low shipping volumes. Companies require intelligent shipping options for small parcels. Shipping experts like Audintel can help plan small parcel shipping strategies by leveraging customer data.

The importance of small parcel audit and parcel shipping services was a part of our earlier blogs. This article will discuss how Audintel simplifies the complexities of small parcel shipping.

Small Parcel Shipping Services

Small parcel shipping is cost-effective for many businesses. Transporting lightweight and small packages is economical. Companies can optimize their shipping costs by opting for small-parcel shipping. Bulkier shipping orders will increase shipping costs. The process of shipping small parcels can overwhelm any shipper. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right small parcel shipping company. The shipping partner should understand the business needs and contribute to its long-term success.

Small parcel shipping services consist of

  • Ground Shipping

It involves transporting small packages by road or rail. It is the most cost-effective way of sending small parcels.

  • Shipping by Air

Time-sensitive shipments are sent by air, ensuring faster delivery of small packages.

  • Expedited Services

It involves shipping small packages through a fast courier service. Small parcel delivery can happen in a day, though expensive.

  • Economy Services

It involves the cheapest way to ship small packages domestically or internationally. It is ideal for less time-sensitive packages.

Small parcel shipping costs vary on factors like shipping rates, weight, size of packages, and surcharges. Further, shipping destinations, carrier selection, and volumes can impact expenses.

Shippers can ship small packages through various small parcel couriers and delivery companies. Small parcel delivery companies offer many services. The major shipping carriers are UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Regional shipping carriers also provide faster and more economical services.

Small Parcel Delivery Services

Small parcel delivery requires a parcel to be picked up, processed, and delivered from one place to another. Small parcel delivery services involve delivering packages of a certain weight. If the package weight surpasses the desired limit, it gets freight charges.

Shipping service pricing depends on factors: weight, size, distance, and speed. A well-designed packaging technique prevents paying high delivery charges. Shippers will know their package dimensions and weight to reduce parcel delivery prices. Further, consolidating shipments helps in decreasing shipping costs and increasing profit margins. Optimizing small parcel delivery prices is a vital facet of small parcel logistics.

Small Parcel Logistics

Many logistic companies provide efficient and reliable small parcel delivery services. They use technology in their fleet of vehicles to deliver small packages on time. 3PLs offer competitive rates for small parcel delivery services. The services include real-time tracking of small packages. In addition, the latest GPS technology benefits drivers of courier vehicles. They can deliver parcels faster with the best route for travel.

Small parcel fulfillment is possible through a 3PL provider for faster delivery of small packages. A 3PL company chosen based on the location of the target customers can reduce transportation costs. Order routing and efficient inventory management help in delivering  small parcels on time. Real-time data allows shippers to keep track of their shipments.

Logistic companies help in negotiating discounted bulk shipping rates for shippers. For instance, USPS offers the cheapest way to ship small packages. They get competitive rates by partnering with regional parcel carriers. Shipping options for small packages offered by regional parcel carriers are cost-effective. Further, they provide full tracking and same-day delivery services. Sometimes, parcel carriers offer flat-rate shipping that benefits businesses. Shippers pay a single rate where their package falls within a weight and size category.

Different shipping options for shipping small packages

Multiple shipping options are open for shipping companies.USPS (US Postal Service) is the cheapest way to ship small packages domestically. Shipping rates charged by USPS Priority Mail or USPS Ground Advantage are less those of UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

International parcel shipping costs depend on global import regulations and duties. The parcel shipping costs vary depending on the destination and the shipment value. UPS is usually the preferred parcel carrier for shipping packages to long distances.

Based on the delivery time, many shipping options are available. For two-day small parcel deliveries, small parcel carriers offer discounts. For example, UPS 2nd Day Air and FedEx 2Day offer cheaper shipping services. 3PLs also help in negotiating discounts for premium overnight services. Ex. UPS Next Day Air and FedEx Standard Overnight services for overnight shipping of small packages.

Small Parcel Shipping Solutions

Advanced technology tools help small businesses streamline their parcel shipping processes. Adopting a multi-carrier strategy for shipping small packages is a good option. Further, small parcel management technology gives shippers insights into parcel carrier selection.

Audintel offers a range of small parcel shipping solutions for businesses. These include:

  • Providing SaaS solutions for third-party logistics partners transforming their business processes.
  • Improving data visibility in real-time with Business Intelligence tools
  • Help make crucial decisions in choosing parcel carriers by comparing data
  • Automating invoice audits that help in efficient invoice processing
  • Timely carrier invoicing and improving bill payment processes

Further, Audintel has various intelligence tools and technologies aiding companies. Our tools include easy-to-understand intuitive dashboards that provide clients with information immediately. They  provide a graphical visualization of KPIs with insights into transportation spend. We increase operational efficiencies and reduce shipping costs.

Audintel’s team of experts analyzes the shipping profiles of clients and provides shipping reports. These shipment reports give in-depth shipping details to companies so that they can reduce shipping costs. In addition, we advise clients regarding the shipping rates of parcel carriers. Our team reviews Carrier Pricing Agreements that help in carrier contract negotiations.

Our Transportation Spend Management (TSM) services allow timely processing of carrier invoices. Cloud-based TSM tools reduce parcel shipping costs with accurate transportation data. We have professionally trained staff that help clients save more in refunds and claims from shipping carriers. Audintel’s cutting-edge technology simplifies transportation spend management services for shippers.

To sum up

Businesses can improve their operational efficiencies with the increasing demand for small parcel shipping. New-age technologies like AI provide valuable insights into shipping performance data. Further, drone deliveries give a glimpse into faster small parcel deliveries in the future. Tracking technologies allow businesses and customers to track their parcels in real time. Further, comprehensive small parcel audits help reduce shipping costs.

Audintel helps shippers save parcel shipping costs with its AI-powered technology tools. We provide comprehensive shipping information to clients in a simplified way. Our experts advise clients on small parcel shipping services. Audintel’s team helps businesses increase profit margins with simple small parcel shipping solutions.

Contact us to learn about our exciting small parcel shipping solutions at +1 (619) 354 8539. Further, you can learn about the various services provided by us on our Audintel website.


Parcel Shipping Systems Enhanced: Using Data Analytics

Small parcel shipping charges are costly. For this reason, customers opt for products that have a “free shipping” tag. E-commerce giants like Amazon are cashing in on this term. As a result, to outdo their competitors, shippers need to control costs. This article addresses the different ways shippers cut parcel shipping costs using data analytics.

Parcel shipping and logistics are complex processes. Here, we will understand the parameters affecting shipping costs.

Factors affecting parcel shipping costs

Parcel shipping involves high expenses. The expenses are dependent on factors such as:

  • Parcel destination
  • Delivery speed
  • Parcel size
  • Parcel weight
  • Carrier rates
  • Customs duty, taxes, etc.
  • Shipping insurance
  • Delivery surcharges

Shippers have to consider these factors for reducing parcel shipping costs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Parcel Shipping

KPIs are equally essential in understanding parcel shipping costs. Consider the following KPIs

  • Spotting potential shipping issues
  • Accuracy of order
  • Tracking the delivery time
  • Costs incurred during transit
  • Warehouse expenses
  • Numbers of orders shipped
  • Accuracy of inventory and turnover

Understanding these KPIs will help in controlling shipping charges.

How is data analytics helping?

Parcel shipping generates tons of data. Analysis of the data helps in optimizing supply chain and logistics management. Data analytics of the shipping data controls your parcel spend. Shipping analytics simplifies the process and brings transparency. Automating decisions and implementing real-time analysis reduces shipping costs.

Role of predictive analytics in shipping

Predictive analytics give shipping insights to shipping companies. It improves the efficiency of shipping services. As well as assesses what the future holds. In addition, it can identify any preventable conditions. Shipping software with programmed algorithms makes systems easy to use. So, shippers get actionable data at their fingertips.

Five ways to cut parcel shipping costs

Predictive analytics helps shippers lower parcel shipping costs. Shippers maximize parcel savings by tracking small parcel shipping spend.  Thus, the future of parcel shipping lies with shipping analytics.  It can optimize shipping performance. There are five ways in which it can achieve this.

1. Collection of shipping data

Shipping data is complex and disparate. It is present in shipping carriers and third-party systems. Automating data capture is vital in data collection.  Automation can separate data collection.  For data analysis, current shipping data is relevant.  It gives insights into reducing shipping costs.

2. Optimizing and normalizing data

Optimizing shipping data is beneficial for companies. The collected shipping data is filtered. It gives companies the most efficient shipping process. Normalizing shipping data is storing it in a single archive. Each parcel is analyzed effectively. Robust, cloud-based shipping software can help in normalizing shipping data.

3. Utilizing real-time analytics

Automated systems can utilize real-time shipping data for decision-making. Predictive analytics use the normalized data on a user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Experts will examine the data and point out process improvements. Real-time analytics is problem-solving shipping processes.

4. Streamlining communications with partners

Engaging in discussions with the shipper’s partners is necessary. As partners, who are vendors or carriers can exchange shipping data with shippers. This communication between partners will streamline the shipping process. Robust contacts will help predictive analytics.  It gives insights on methods to reduce shipping costs.

5. Responding to real-time data

Up-to-date information is easy to use in controlling shipping spend. Shippers can view parcel shipping expenses in real-time.  There is an instant correction of any mismatch in data. Shippers use real-time data to make informed decisions instantly. Small parcel shipping costs will reduce by responding in real-time.

Maximizing parcel shipping profits

Every shipping company’s goal is to protect assets and maximize profits. Shippers can achieve this by reducing shipping costs. The use of data analytics is improving parcel delivery services. In addition, parcel shipping systems need to be automated to stay ahead of the competition. Audintel is the guide for shippers in maximizing parcel shipping profits.

To Summarize

Shippers get repeat business by keeping customers happy. Further, if you reduce shipping costs, you earn more customers. Therefore, there is a need to automate parcel shipping systems. Technology like data analytics is enhancing parcel shipping systems.

Hence, Audintel has an intuitive state-of-the-art Technology Platform. It provides supply chain analytics technology.  And so, the user can extract actionable business insights. For further queries, please visit Audintel or contact us at +1 (619) 354 8539 or mail to [email protected].