Receive refunds quickly with Small Parcel Audit Services

The US e-commerce parcel delivery market reportedly will grow to USD 160.07 billion by 2032. There is increasing demand for speedy delivery services from small parcel delivery companies. For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) small parcel delivery is economical, especially for last-mile deliveries. However, it has recently faced international shipping disruptions in many countries due to conflicts, winter weather, and local delivery issues. 

So, what if the small parcels arrive late? What do you do if there are shipping invoice errors? Who do you turn to when faced with late deliveries of packages? We hope it is your small parcel audit service provider. If not, you face the uphill task of asking for refunds from small parcel delivery companies.

This article deals with the small parcel audit services and audit points provided by Audintel. Further, we also mention how the small parcel audits recover refunds for clients.

Small parcel audit services

Small parcel auditing services help businesses overcome manual, time-consuming refund claims. The monitoring and tracking of a parcel shipment by each shipper is possible with automatic parcel auditing software. Shippers receive refunds from small parcel delivery companies for inaccurate fees, late deliveries, etc. In addition, small parcel audit services help recover money for their clients by identifying shipping mistakes.

Small parcel auditors provide options for switching small parcel carriers to shippers. Businesses can benefit by choosing a fast, cost-effective small parcel delivery company. Shippers can choose small parcel carriers that are affordable and don’t have hidden charges. The small parcel delivery companies include major players like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. DHL Express, Sendle, OnTrac, etc., are the other small parcel delivery companies.

Small parcel audits review billing inaccuracies, overcharges, and service failures by small parcel carriers. Further, they help to keep shipping costs under control and optimize shipping spend.

Types of Small Parcel Audits

The types of small parcel audits include manual audits, parcel audit software, and parcel audit services.

Manual audits are time-consuming and laborious, requiring employees to examine each invoice by hand.

Parcel audit software automates the manual auditing process. However,  training and optimum use of the software are essential to get positive results.

Parcel audit services are outsourcing of small parcel audits. It avoids the hassle of learning parcel audit software by companies. It provides shipping strategies and ways to obtain refunds from small parcel carriers.

Small Parcel Audit services: audit points identified by Audintel

In this section, we explore the different audit points that impact businesses. In addition, these audits help in getting refunds from small parcel carriers. Audintel identifies various audit points that need periodic checks. These audit points are categorized further into three types of audits.

1. Service Audits

These audits are for deficiencies in services provided by the shipping carriers. The below audit points target the service deficiencies of small parcel carriers:

  • Late Delivery Ground
  • Late Delivery Air
  • Late Delivery International

Shippers receive refunds for late deliveries by small parcel carriers by ground or air. It can be for domestic or international shipments. Small parcel auditing services inform shippers about the delays in package deliveries.

  • Voids

Small parcel carriers generate labels for all packages. Sometimes, these packages may not be shipped. However, the shippers eventually pay for the non-deliveries. Audintel tracks such non-delivery shipments for refunds.

  • Duplicate Invoices

Small parcel delivery companies generate invoices twice for the same shipment. Audintel identifies the duplicate invoices and requests refunds from them.

  • Duplicate Tracking Number

Parcel carriers give duplicate tracking numbers by mistake. Audintel monitors duplicate tracking numbers.

  • Lost Claims

Audintel makes claims for refunds to the small parcel carriers for lost packages.

  • Damage Claims

Packages damaged during transit are subject to claims. On behalf of the client, Audintel claims declared value or insurance for the damaged packages.

  • Saturday Pick-Up and Delivery Validation

Small parcel carriers pick up packages on Saturday. They charge extra for Saturday pick-ups and deliveries. Audintel validates such shipments. If there are mistakes made, we claim refunds for clients.

2. Invoice Audits

Invoice errors are a part of small parcel audit services. Here are some audit points that monitor inaccurate invoices:

  • Incorrect Rate

Small parcel carriers publish shipping rates every year. During carrier contract negotiations, both parties decide the charges for each package shipped. However, the small parcel carriers may bill excess to the negotiated rate. It leads to billing with inaccurate rates. Audintel audits the shipping rates levied by the shipping carriers and requests refunds where necessary.

  • Incorrect Discount

During contract negotiations, shippers and small parcel shipping carriers decide on discounts based on the shipping needs. Audintel identifies errors in providing the correct discounts by small parcel carriers, leading to refunds.

  • Incorrect Accessorial

Audintel requests refunds for shippers if accessorial fees, like fuel surcharges, are incorrect.

  • Commercial/Residential Adjustments

Small parcel carriers may charge small parcel delivery to commercial establishments at residential location prices. So, small parcel audit services by Audintel recognize the mistakes made by shipping carriers and request refunds.

  • Address Corrections Air or Ground

Packages requiring air or ground shipping do not necessarily need address corrections. However, Audintel requests refunds when shippers face wrong charges for address corrections.

  • Delivery Area Surcharge (DAS)

Shipping carriers charge businesses a surcharge if the delivery area of the small parcel is in a remote location. Audintel requests refunds when the DAS is inaccurate.

  • Hundredweight Shipments

Small parcel carriers provide discounts for multiple shipments going to one location. Audintel advises opting for alternative suggestions by small parcel carriers to save money.

  • DAS Extended

Small parcel carriers may charge extra for shipments with delivery areas beyond the remote locations. Audintel verifies whether the small parcel shipment is in the delivery area beyond the distant location. It requests refunds for discrepancies.

  • DAS Rural

This surcharge is for rural areas. Small parcel auditors verify the surcharge for accuracy.

  • Contract Negotiations

During carrier contract negotiations with the small parcel carriers, there are discussions on shipping rates and other surcharges. Audintel has an expert team to help shippers in carrier contract negotiations.

  • International Import and Export

Small parcel delivery internationally attracts duties and taxes. Audintel audits the shipments to ensure shippers do not pay extra taxes.

  • Incorrectly Billed Collect Shipments

Audintel checks if the shipments paid by third parties are correct.

  • Weight Accuracy

Small parcel audit services help shippers pay the exact amount for parcel weights. For example, a package that weighs 10 pounds may be charged incorrectly as a 15-pound package.

  • Additional Handling Charges

The Audintel team audits the shipments to verify if the shippers pay extra for handling packages.

  • Fuel Surcharge

Audintel verifies the validity of the fuel surcharge.

  • Hazmat Materials

Packages with hazardous materials have higher prices. Audintel audits the shipping invoices for the correct calculation of the shipment.

3. Compliance Audits

Audits conducted by third parties are compliance audits. It is to check if the shippers and small parcel carriers are following the negotiated terms of the contract agreement. The following audit points are integral to the compliance audits:

  • Contract Rate and Tier Audits

Audintel helps shippers with their contract agreements with small parcel carriers to get the best deal. We have expert negotiators who have in-depth knowledge of carrier contracts.

  • Contract Negotiations

Our negotiating team ensures that the shippers’ contract agreements with parcel carriers are correct and there are no discrepancies.

  • Invalid Account Number Usage

Small parcel auditors identify packages having invalid account numbers.

  • Incorrect billed 3rd Party Shipments using the client account number.

Audintel identifies incorrect third-party account numbers that do not exist. It notifies shipping carriers of incorrect billing of third-party shipments.

  • Special Contract Consideration

Audintel notifies shippers of any mistakes made in the contract negotiations.

Small parcel audit services by Audintel: refunds and savings.

Audintel requests refunds from small parcel carriers for mistakes made by them. We ensure our clients receive money in the accounts from  FedEx, UPS, and other small parcel carriers. As a small parcel auditor, Audintel ensures that its services do not end with just providing software solutions. We also ensure refunds for our customers. We help our clients save money by negotiating discounts with shipping carriers.

Final Remarks

Small parcel audit services help businesses request refunds for mistakes of small parcel carriers. Several eligible refunds are unclaimed by shippers. With the help of small parcel audit services, companies can claim refunds and save money. Audintel experts help shippers cut shipping costs with data insights. We help shippers choose the small parcel delivery company that serves their business needs.  Reach out to us for a demo and benefit from our state-of-the-art services. Contact us at +1 (619) 354 8539 or visit our Audintel website to know more about us.