Do you know about the timeline to apply for a refund when FedEx delivers packages late?

When FedEx packages reach late, shippers receive flak for it.  Most of the time, shipping carriers are responsible for the delay. Nevertheless, shippers can claim compensation for FedEx delays. But, they miss the deadline to claim a refund.

Shippers need a dedicated team to handle this process. Partnering with an audit company like Audintel gives shippers breathing space. This article will discuss the process and the time to claim compensation when FedEx delivers a package late.

FedEx services that promise MBG compensation

FedEx offers Money-Back Guarantee (MBG) for late deliveries. FedEx’s MBG can be suspended, modified, or revoked at their sole discretion. FedEx offers MBG to all U.S. shipments, commercial and residential, in 50 states. The following services are eligible for FedEx MBG.

  • FedEx International First
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx First Overnight
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Priority Freight

For instance, if a parcel delivered by FedEx Standard Overnight service is late by even a minute to a U.S. business, the shipper is eligible for a refund.

FedEx delivery time and limitations

FedEx estimated delivery time differs on various factors, including the services selected by businesses. Here FedEx Ground services deliver domestically in 1-5 business days. And FedEx International Services in 1-4 business days. By business days, we mean working days, Monday-Friday. And does not include weekends.

There are some limitations to the FedEx delivery time. For example, scheduled shipments on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. The delivery of such shipments will be on the next business day.

Refunds for FedEx service failures

For many audit points, FedEx offers refunds. These audit points include late deliveries, lost shipments, duplicate charges, address correction charges, and more. If a package is late by even 60 seconds, FedEx offers a 100% refund of the shipping costs. However, FedEx does not inform businesses when there is late delivery. So, don’t be surprised if the courier refuses to refund based on their MBG policy.

The process to file a claim with FedEx for late delivery

It is a complex process to file a compensation claim. Especially for FedEx’s late delivery of packages. Initially, businesses have to identify the shipments delivered by FedEx for late delivery.  After identification, they have to request a refund. There are a few ways to request a refund from FedEx.

  • Shippers can submit a request by writing a mail to FedEx
  • They can submit a request through customer support by calling 1 (800)463-3339
  • Businesses can submit a request online on the FedEx website.

Online claim for compensation on the FedEx website

There are some steps involved in filing an online claim for compensation. The steps involve:

  • Logging onto the FedEx website and selecting the claim type
  • Completing and submitting an online claim form to FedEx
  • Tracking the status of the claim

The process may sound simple, but doing it is not. Shipping businesses send thousands of packages every day through FedEx. And so, tracking each package for late delivery while claiming compensation for it is tedious.

Time to file FedEx claims

There is a short period to file claims for any of FedEx’s service failures.  For instance, the time to claim a refund for each FedEx late delivery is 15 calendar days from the shipping date or invoice date. It is a race against time for shippers to file for late delivery claims.

So, it is vital to have parcel audit companies like Audintel to help shipping businesses.

Audintel makes it easy to claim compensation from FedEx Late Delivers

Our automated shipping solutions are monitoring FedEx’s late deliveries for our customers. We help shipping businesses save money by receiving refunds. Audintel reduces the time spent on claiming compensation for shippers. The advanced technology at Audintel monitors each package that has a late delivery. We help shipping businesses file a claim with FedEx for service failures. Audintel audits each shipment to track the refund that is due. Our intuitive dashboard gives a clear picture to shippers regarding their refunds. Moreover, customers can track the progress of each package refund on the dashboard.

It gets exhausting and stressful for shipping businesses if they do not claim compensation in time. Further, getting in touch with FedEx customer support for each FedEx late delivery is not feasible. At Audintel, shippers can avoid the stress of claiming compensation in time. Audintel has the most advanced, scalable technology platform that provides insights into each shipping portfolio. Thus, claiming compensation for late delivery of FedEx parcels is made to look easy by Audintel. For further details, write to us at [email protected] or please visit our Audintel website or call us at +1 (619) 354 8539.


Why incorporating GSR/MBG waiver in shipping contracts is a bad idea?

On-time delivery of shipments is vital for shippers. Late parcel deliveries test a customer’s patience. At times, customer dissatisfaction leads to financial loss. With this in mind, shippers have a refund clause in their shipping contracts with the shipping carriers. Shipping carriers promise a refund for service failures such as late deliveries.

Approved late delivery refund requests save 100% shipping costs. But, in the past few years, FedEx and UPS are offering shipping refund waivers with incentives. Large shipping carriers are aggressively vouching for refund waivers. So, what are these shipping refund waivers? And, why should shippers not accept such Guaranteed Service Refund waivers? Read on for all this and more, in this article.

What are shipping refund waivers?

Shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS offer shipping refund waivers. Shipping refund waivers are clauses within the shipping contracts that provide discounts to shippers. These discounts are in return for waiving off the shippers’ rights to claim refunds. FedEx’s refund waiver is known as Money-Back Guarantee (MBG) waiver. And UPS’ refund waiver is known as UPS’ Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) waiver. In addition, UPS and FedEx aggressively market these waivers to shippers for earning extra revenue.

Incentives in exchange for GSR waiver

Often shipping carriers offer discounts and incentives in exchange for signing an agreement with Guaranteed Service Refund waiver.  Shipping carriers who want GSR waivers entice shippers with attractive discounts during contract negotiations. The incentives include an additional package rate discount and small discounts in the accessorial charges for a short period. But, shippers generally don’t benefit much from these incentives, as there are other charges on the package.

Why should shippers not sign an agreement with UPS’ GSR or FedEx’s MBG waivers?

UPS’ GSR ensures the on-time delivery of all Ground and Express Packages.  When shippers sign GSR waivers, shipping carriers can no longer be held accountable for late deliveries. For instance, a parcel’s delivery time is the same day, but the delivery occurs the next day. The customer will hold the shipper responsible for the delay and not the shipping carrier. The shippers cannot demand a refund from shipping carriers on signing a GSR waiver. As a consequence, shippers face loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. That is why Audintel strongly suggests that shippers should not sign agreements with UPS’ GSR or FedEx’s MBG waivers.

Disadvantages of accepting shipping refund waivers

The disadvantages of accepting MBG waivers include lost customers, an increase in returned shipments, etc. Packages that are delivered late are a chief reason for shippers losing customers. Minimum service charges on each parcel eat away any discounts received on account of the GSR waiver. FedEx may offer an additional package rate discount with an MBG waiver. But, when FedEx applies minimum service package charges, these additional discounts will be negligible and lead to revenue loss. According to recent studies, waiving away MBG rights will cost shippers 1-5% of their entire parcel spend.

How can Audintel help?

Audintel has a well-experienced team of experts who are well-versed in contract negotiations. We compare the services of the shipping carriers before signing a contract. Audintel studies the fine print of each shipping contract with shipping carriers. We will help in getting you discounts while keeping the Guaranteed Service Refund clause intact. We ensure that our clients save more by not signing an agreement with a GSR waiver.

Services offered by Audintel concerning GSR Waiver

Audintel will never suggest a GSR waiver for its clients. We believe the credibility of the client will be affected by accepting the GSR waiver. When a GSR waiver is signed, shippers cannot question the shipping carriers for late deliveries. Shippers’ business gets affected due to delays in parcel deliveries. Shippers are in safe hands when they trust Audintel to manage their shipping portfolios. We not only track each parcel for late deliveries but also request for GSR. Our services help our clients receive the refund amount due to them. As well as enhance customer satisfaction bringing in more business for our clients.  Audintel holds the shipping carriers responsible for deficiencies in services. We can save at least 2-5% of overall parcel spend for our clients.

Late delivery refunds are essential for the small parcel industry. Late delivery refund claims save money for shipping companies. There is an estimate that over 3 billion dollars from unclaimed refunds are collected by UPS and FedEx when shippers sign GSR waivers. The refund amount belongs to shippers but, the amount remains unclaimed due to lack of auditing and claim processing. Shippers need professionals who can help them in monitoring their shipment portfolios at every stage. Audintel provides encompassing audit services to its clients. We help in analyzing your shipping spend and save money. Audintel is a name you can trust for auditing parcel services. For further details, write to us at [email protected] or please visit our Audintel website, or contact us at +1 (619) 354 8539.