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Bio: Vikram is a senior Information Technology Leader who has mentored many teams is based out of Silicon Valley, California USA, with 27 years experience in IT, Transportation, and Financial consulting at top MNCs in the US. He is also the Co-Founder of Audintel Inc. Vikram was also associated with companies like Uber, Pinterest, FireEye, and more. His engineering skills, business acumen, and grasp of innovative technologies are noteworthy.

Posts by Vikram:

  • Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) for streamlining shipping costs

    Posted on: 28 Mar 2024

    The Freight and Logistics market in the US is the backbone of its economy. Increasing globalization and e-commerce growth are fuelling demand for efficient freight and logistics solutions. According to news reports, freight activity in the US is picking up after a two-year slump. Further, the United States Freight and Logistics Market may grow to […]

  • Reduce shipping costs of small parcel shipments seamlessly

    Posted on: 08 Mar 2024

    The postage charges of the U.S. Postal Service are rising, according to the latest news. USPS Ground Advantage service is one of the simplest, affordable ways of shipping small parcels. But, its prices have increased. Similarly, there is an increase in the prices of USPS Priority Mail® and USPS Priority Mail Express® services. Further, the […]

  • AI in Logistics and shipping: the focus of Manifest 2024

    Posted on: 28 Feb 2024

    Audintel’s team was excited to be a part of the convention at Manifest 2024 in Vegas. We had a chance to interact with global innovators, executives, investors, service providers of logistics tech, and supply chains. It was a great opportunity to network with the leaders of Fortune 500 companies. The recurring theme throughout the convention […]

  • Revolutionize Invoice and Payment Management: Audintel TSM

    Posted on: 05 Feb 2024

    In the fast-paced business world, the efficient management of vendor expenses is paramount for seamless operations. The end-to-end vendor spend process, known as the contract-to-pay or procure-to-pay process, presents significant complexities for companies. The complexities include an intricate invoice approval workflow The process involves receiving invoices from suppliers, verifying, matching with the appropriate purchase request, […]

  • GRI 2024: Effects and comparison between FedEx and UPS GRIs

    Posted on: 14 Dec 2023

    The holiday season is here. It’s the time for shipping carriers to announce their General Rate Increase (GRI). Major shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS have already announced the GRIs for 2024. Well, what does this mean for e-commerce retailers or small companies? This blog will discuss the concept of General Rate Increase, its impact […]

  • Shipping small parcels: Surmount the challenges with ease

    Posted on: 11 Dec 2023

    Sending individual packages through shipping carriers is not as easy as it looks. Different shipping carriers offer various areas of expertise for shipping items. Choosing the best shipping carriers for small parcel shipping can get confusing. UPS, FedEx, and USPS are the major shipping carriers in the U.S.  However, a recent Reuters report says that […]

  • Small_Parcel_Shipping_Challenges

    How to overcome challenges of small parcel shipping?

    Posted on: 25 Jul 2023

    Small Parcel shipping is challenging for many shippers. Businesses need strategic solutions with the right software tools to ship small parcels efficiently. The convenience of ordering online is here to stay. Experts believe there’s been a significant increase in the volume of shipping small parcels to customers directly over the past few years. However, small […]

  • Accurate Shipping Audit for Shipping Credits

    Posted on: 24 Jan 2023

    Offering a hassle-free process to identify delivery exceptions and claim credits for a prominent automobile company. A renowned automobile company, shipping spare parts globally, was looking for a hassle-free solution to identify claim refunds and handle delivery exceptions. The need was to improve the claim refund success rate and limit false claims from clients. Learn […]

  • freight audit services

    Freight audit services for greater transparency

    Posted on: 24 Nov 2022

    A freight audit is essential for checking incorrect freight billing errors. Outsourcing freight audits and payment helps eliminate overcharges and save money. Companies that transport freight have to deal with overwhelming volumes of transactions daily. The amount of paperwork and complexity of freight rates is challenging for many organizations. In addition, payment to freight carriers […]


    How to receive UPS Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) seamlessly?

    Posted on: 03 Feb 2022

    UPS Money-Back Guarantee, also known as UPS Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) in the US. The UPS GSR is for 50 service failures. Did you know you can reduce shipping costs with the UPS GSR? What are the services for which your company gets a guaranteed service refund from UPS? How to claim refunds from UPS? We […]

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