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Taranisen Mohanta

Bio: Taranisen is a technical architect at Audintel Inc. and a logistics and parcel expert. He works with the latest technological trends to provide end-to-end, customer-centric parcel and logistics services. Before that, he was a technical architect at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Oracle, specializing in data center, cloud, and storage array firmware and management software.

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  • Dim factors importance

    DIM factor: its importance in carrier contract negotiations

    Posted on: 28 Aug 2023

    Did you ever pay more for a lightweight package than a heavy one? One of the reasons for the hike in shipping prices is the DIM factor. The size and shape of packages occupy space in a shipping carrier’s vehicle. Many shipping carriers calculate the shipping rates based on the dimensional weight due to scarce […]

  • UPS Peak Surcharges

    Know all about the latest updates on UPS Peak Surcharges

    Posted on: 18 Oct 2022

    E-commerce orders increase in the holiday season due to high demand from customers. Ideally, the peak season for shipping is the holiday season beginning in early November each year. However, UPS has decided to continue its Peak or Demand Surcharges on packages “till further notice” in 2022. The increase in surcharges may be due to […]

  • Carrier contracts: Negotiate to simplify the complexity

    Posted on: 13 Jul 2022

    The advent of the e-commerce boom has accelerated the way businesses ship their goods. Prompt and cost-effective shipping is the new mantra. Customers expect fast delivery of goods, whether by freight or parcel. For this reason, shippers need better carrier contracts with effective negotiations. Our earlier blogs were about the importance of shipping data when negotiating with […]

  • Why is periodic up-gradation of carrier contracts essential?

    Posted on: 03 May 2022

    How recent is your contract with your parcel carrier? Is it a few days or years old? Does your contract offer discounts for some services? These are some questions that businesses need to address in 2022. With this in mind, contracts with shipping carriers play a crucial role for companies. A periodic contract review is […]

  • UPS or FedEx contracts

    UPS or FedEx contracts: Negotiate with shipping data advantage

    Posted on: 23 Feb 2022

    Lately, negotiations with parcel carriers are becoming more complicated. Do you often wonder whether your UPS or FedEx contracts give you the best shipping rates? Are you paying extra for services you don’t need? Shipping companies have a better idea in contract negotiations with only their shipping data. Carrier contract negotiations were a part of […]

  • What can you expect in the new year from FedEx and UPS General Rate Increase?

    Posted on: 20 Jan 2022

    FedEx and UPS issue General Rate Increases(GRI) every year. Businesses have to prepare for rising shipping costs based on their shipping profile. Keeping this in mind, we would like to study the General Rate Increases (GRI) of these two premium parcel carriers for 2022. We will also look at the increase in surcharges and other […]

  • FedEx Rate Increase 2022 – Impact on your business

    Posted on: 06 Dec 2021

    With the year 2021 drawing to a close, businesses are preparing their budget for 2022. Did you know that the yearly shipping rates offered by carriers have seen an exponential increase? FedEx announced the rate increase for 2022, and it is not the same as before. Here, we will discuss the FedEx rate increase for […]

  • Efficient contract negotiations with shipping carriers

    Posted on: 01 Nov 2021

    Carrier contracts are sometimes confusing with legal jargon. And negotiating with carriers regarding services, fees is hard for companies. Shippers wonder if they are getting the best from their carrier contract negotiations. Businesses need different carrier networks and strategies to get the best carrier contracts. In this article, we will discuss carrier contract management and […]

  • Scenarios in which to negotiate a new contract with shipping carriers

    Posted on: 11 Oct 2021

    Are shipping companies satisfied with the services provided by shipping carriers?  Also, are shippers overspending on their parcel shipment?  Shipping contract negotiations with shipping carriers can address these queries. Shipping companies require contracts that provide quality service at the best price.  So, shippers can reduce shipping costs at each stage. This article covers the kind […]

  • Best Practices For Shipping Contract Negotiations

    Posted on: 05 Aug 2021

    Shipping contract negotiations are essential for the shipping business. They help in saving the costs of the shipping companies. However, contract negotiations are complex and time-consuming. The negotiations have to be mutually advantageous to both clients and carriers. There needs to be transparency and open communication. With this in mind, let’s explore the best practices […]

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