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Raman Jillellamudi

Bio: Raman is a senior software engineer with experience in the transportation industry. He is working as a Technical Head at Audintel Inc. He specializes in Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and related technologies. Raman was associated with Cubic Transportation Systems, Wowtrendy.com, enVista, and Codon Software Private Limited.

Posts by Raman:

  • Shipping Reports: Parcel shipping analytics in a nutshell

    Posted on: 23 Jan 2024

    The rise in the e-commerce market has revolutionized the parcel delivery industry. Some reports have predicted an increase in the parcel delivery market. With digitalization, the delivery sector has undergone many technological advancements. As customer expectations rise, businesses focus on technology. New technologies enhance operational efficiency. Innovations and AI are powering the logistics ecosystem. Businesses […]

  • Shipping analytics

    Shipping analytics provide valuable insights into your business

    Posted on: 10 Aug 2022

    Seamless, contactless, anytime-anywhere commerce is on the rise. Businesses want to compete with the best in this post-pandemic era. Consumers are loyal to brands with frictionless checkouts. So, shippers need to have faster delivery systems, thus giving excellent customer satisfaction. With this in mind, analysis of shipping data is necessary for businesses. The assessment of […]

  • shipping zones

    UPS, FedEx shipping zones: an easy guide on shipping zones

    Posted on: 09 Mar 2022

    Saving on shipping expenses is essential for e-commerce businesses. But, it gets confusing figuring out the shipping rates of different parcel carriers? UPS and FedEx have different shipping rates based on various factors, including shipping zones. Hence, knowing about zones is equally vital for businesses. In this blog, we will discuss the shipping zones of […]

  • Ten ways to reduce shipping costs and meet customer expectations

    Posted on: 30 Nov 2021

    Whether your business is big or small, you need to find ways to cut down shipping costs. Or they will eat into the profits of your business. In addition, meeting customer expectations is vital for business. For this reason, shippers need to find strategies to reduce shipping costs. Here are 10 easy steps to reduce […]

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