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Aparajith Vangal

Bio: Aparajith is a Technical Project Manager at Audintel Inc. He deals with technologies like Multithreading in Java, Spring, Angular JS, SQL, and AWS. Aparajith was part of the research team in Infosys that was creating many POCs. He has a US-granted patent in his name related to computer system security. With 16 years of IT and Logistics experience, now he is spearheading the Freight Division at Audintel.

Posts by Aparajith:

  • Increasing operational efficiency and streamlining the shipping process for an electronics company 

    Posted on: 24 Jan 2023

    Providing a technological solution to streamline the shipping operations and payment processes for a large electronics company. A global company needed a technological solution for streamlining its shipping operations and payment processes. They were facing payment conflicts with shipping carriers and were unable to review consignments successfully, due to their large shipping volumes. Learn how […]

  • Freight audit process: Six common challenges shippers face

    Posted on: 15 Jan 2023

    Freight billing errors, duplicate freight bill payments, complex tax rules of different countries; All this data requires efficient auditing by companies for better freight management. The freight audit process appears complex and difficult to comprehend for many businesses. But, an expert can pool-up all the relevant data and audit the freight bills. In this article, […]

  • global freight audit

    LTL and TL shipping rates: know more to lower shipping costs

    Posted on: 23 May 2022

    Speed is the need of the hour for e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Companies that deal with high shipping volumes opt for faster, cheaper ways of freight transport. Depending on the specific freight requirements, companies opt for the mode of freight shipping. Freight transportation by land is by trucks and sometimes rail. According to the […]

  • freight audit

    Is outsourcing freight audit a good business choice?

    Posted on: 12 Jan 2022

    Understanding when to outsource your freight operations is key to being competitive in the face of globalization and to achieving cost-effective and data-driven freight operations. Freight bills are complicated, and as the firm expands, so does the complexity of freight audit and payment. Making it more difficult to effectively manage and evaluate transportation costs. Outsourcing […]

  • A simple way to verify freight bills, using freight audit services

    Posted on: 23 Sep 2021

    Freight Audit Services help in auditing the process which is essential for shipping companies. Shipping large volumes of goods at a fast pace and at less cost is vital for shipping businesses. Freight are shipments that weigh more than 150 lbs. Transportation of freight is a complex logistic process. Shippers have to pay freight bills […]

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