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Anand Venkatraman

Bio: Anand is the Technical Lead at Audintel Inc., a technology-focused software organization. He is an expert in providing cutting-edge technology for Transportation Spend Management services. Anand assists companies in transforming their shipping operations and saving costs. His insights into managing shipping carrier payments are exemplary.

Posts by Anand:

  • Surcharges in Contract negotiations

    Surcharges: an integral part of carrier contract negotiations

    Posted on: 19 Sep 2023

    Are surcharges having a direct impact on your shipping costs? Is your company’s bottom line affected by additional fees? Then, it’s time to negotiate shipping surcharges as a part of the carrier contract negotiations. This blog will focus on the different kinds of shipping surcharges and their need to be a part of the carrier […]

  • Carrier contract negotiation

    Do you know everything about carrier contract negotiations?

    Posted on: 03 Jan 2023

    It’s that time of the year again for evaluating your expenses, especially for parcel and freight shipments. As a sign of good practice, companies should review their contracts with shipping carriers annually. It not only helps in understanding the shipping costs but also in saving money efficiently. We have discussed carrier contract negotiations in our earlier blogs. […]

  • Shipping reports

    Shipping reports: Optimize shipping performances with data

    Posted on: 18 Nov 2022

    This holiday season, economic uncertainty and rising inflation will hit many industries. Also, these industries will face customers who want more goods and services at a lesser price. Further, shipping companies deal with high shipping costs and holiday surcharges. In addition, companies will have to attract customers with great shipping experiences. Transportation spend solutions like […]

  • Carrier contracts

    Carrier contracts: negotiate effectively for better savings

    Posted on: 27 Oct 2022

    Is tracking individual contracts with multiple carriers proving to be tedious? Are you aware of the latest shipping rates that may affect your business? A carrier contract management system can give answers to these questions. Further, accessorial charges are a part of carrier contract negotiations. Here, we will explore carrier contracts and their significance in […]

  • manage contracts

    Carrier contract negotiations: manage contracts with ease

    Posted on: 23 Aug 2022

    We are almost reaching the end of the year, but new challenges await us. Parcel and freight shipments are facing disruptions domestically and globally. These disruptions are many such as inflation or unrest among union workers. The Union workers include drivers, temporary workers, and package handlers. Hence, shipping costs are rising for delivering high-quality goods […]

  • Pragmatic details for shippers’ contract negotiation

    Posted on: 10 Feb 2022

    Shippers need efficient parcel contract negotiation with parcel carriers to maximally reduce their shipping charges. The shipper needs to know the shipment trends and characteristics before moving for carrier contract negotiation. There are many factors that affect the cut down in pricing which needs to be negotiated carefully. Being clear with these and also knowing […]

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