Audintel was founded by a team of technology veterans with a combined 50 plus years of transportation, logistics and software development experience. Our technology development team possesses the latest skill sets to design, build and continually improve our transportation cost reduction solutions and services. We leverage the latest best-of-breed technologies and best practices to provide our clients the technology services and solutions they need to improve their supply chain performance while maintaining a competitive cost advantage.

Actionable Agile Supply Chain Management

All the best technology and engineering is of little worth if there’s no confidence in the data or it’s not communicated clearly, concisely and consistently. Making complex data visualizations simple so that the dashboard can express the true meaning of the data plays a crucial role in effective, informed decisions by simply supporting the user to extract actionable business insights. The Audintel Executive Dashboard is fully customizable to present the right data in exactly the most intuitive manner. Our exclusive “Dashlets” allow the user to create custom screens to drill down into the data that is most relevant to the objective.

Here is just a sample of a few of the Executive Dashboards and “Dashlets” that are part of the intuitive interface with our supply chain analytics technology. We’d be happy to provide a full demonstration of our Dashboards and how they can help your company make better business decisions for transportation in your supply chain.


Audintel Tech Stack

Stop Dancing with Dinosaurs.

Our State-of-the-Art Technology Platform Is Best of Breed

Unlike many of our competitors, the AUDINTEL technology platform is state-of-the-art, highly robust, agile, scalable and stable. We use a carefully chosen and proven combination of technologies to deliver a “best-of-breed” solution to your supply chain challenges.

Our simple Dashboards and “Dashlets” user interface will quickly get your shipping management up to speed. Your business analytics and reports will be portrayed in clear, visual and understandable screens. You can manage your supply chain on the run from your phone, tablet or computer.

Audintel is quite simply your next generation shipping technology platform for today’s complex supply chain challenges.

Software Implementation & Integration

Audintel has an experienced team that will provide all the support you may need to implement our software and integrate it with your shipping processes and legacy systems. Unlike some of our competition, we don’t just drop the software at your door and walk away.

We manage every detail of the tech integration, help to efficiently embed our technology into your organization and provide robust training to support the deployment every step of the way. That’s how technology is supposed to be implemented and that’s how Audintel will launch the optimization of your shipping performance through next generation technology for supply chain intelligence.