Optimization Services

Transportation Optimization Services & Solutions (TOSS)

  • In-Depth Carrier Pricing Data Analytics
  • Industry Knowledge & Experience
  • Pricing Optimization / Reduction
  • Best Practice Strategies & Solutions
  • On-Going Active Management
  • GRI Impact Analysis (annually)



Why Outsource?


  • Avoid information overload by utilizing the tools necessary to rate, summarize, visualize
    and identify key areas to focus on to determine the IMPACT of the Carrier’s Pricing Proposals
  • Avoid simply attacking only the “big buckets”, as significant savings often exist in lesser used charges
  • Show your Carrier Account Rep exactly WHERE they need to offer your company more favorable pricing
  • Identify and define the Shipping Profile unique to your company


  • Our team has negotiated hundreds of Pricing Agreements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, resulting in optimal outcomes
  • Many of our team members have worked for Carriers such as UPS and FedEx, so they’ve been on “the other side” of the table during Pricing Negotiations
  • No two Shipping Profiles are alike, and this type of experience enables us to create the narrative as to WHY a Carrier should be providing deeper discounts
  • It’s not just about “volume”, but where you ship to and from, the mix of Service Levels used, Accessorial Cost Impact, DIM Weight, and more, as well as how you tell the story

Iteration Based Analysis

  • Manage multiple iterations of Carrier Pricing Agreements
  • Re-Rate tens of thousands of Shipments as necessary
  • Understand how esoteric Carrier rules are used to calculate the cost impact of your company’s Shipping Profile
  • Identify and define the Shipping Profile that is unique to your company
  • Change the Shipping Profile by removing or adding Shipment Details – “What-If” Scenarios
  • Measure Service Performance with accuracy
  • Evaluate and access Non-Transportation related costs



SCI-FI Carrier Contract Analysis & Negotiation Services

Shipment & Contract Analysis  

  • Aggregate Contracts and Shipping Data
  • Comprehensive analysis of shipping patterns, contracts, and industry data
  • Cost Model shipping traits utilizing the same methodology of the carriers based on the Carrier’s own cost formulations

Establish Parameters  

  • Meetings with key stakeholders to understand needs and requirements

Carrier Selection  

  • Ultimate decision on final Carrier(s) is the client’s
  • The contract stays between the client and the Carrier(s)

Bid Management  

  • Preparation of bids and establish negotiation strategy based on shipping analysis and client’s needs
  • Client communicates requests to the Carrier(s)

Contract Implementation  

  • Ensure successful implementation of the new contract(s)

Carrier Negotiation  

  • Analysis of bid responses and identify additional opportunities
  • Client communicates subsequent rounds of requests to the Carrier(s)

Ongoing Monitoring  

  • Monitors the Carrier(s) for compliance
  • Drive continuous value through evolutionary Small Parcel transformation