Operational Excellence

Our skilled Management and Sales Team in Cupertino, CA and our 60+ dedicated employees in Hyderabad, India in the Audintel Technology Development & Customer Service Call Center have succeeded in developing our AAAAIM operational model to most effectively service our customer’s supply chain analytics and management requirements.

The AAAAIM Operational Model

Assessment – we gain an understanding of your supply chain, collect historical data and load it into the AUDINTEL Platform.

Alignment – we review your current Carrier Pricing Agreement(s) to set the baseline for the project. We also devise and agree upon the negotiation strategy.


Advisement – we provide the initial bid data and verbiage to begin the process with the Carriers which you have selected to procure Pricing Proposals from. We will analyze the Carrier Pricing Proposals and provide appropriate responses until we achieve an optimal Pricing Proposal(s).

Agreement – you sign the Agreement(s) with your chosen Carrier(s). Most of our clients do not change carriers strictly to save money. We typically only see clients change Carriers when there are issues with service quality or other problematic issues.

Implementation – we will monitor the shipments under the new Agreement(s) to ensure you are being invoiced accurately and correctly. We also will walk you through our Invoice for services to ensure there is clarity and complete understanding.

Maintenance – we will provide Quarterly Business Reviews and periodically review your account for additional savings opportunities. As the Carriers regularly institute changes, we will review your account to see if there is an impact and engage with you on cost mitigation strategies.