A Late Delivery Refund also known as Guaranteed Service Refunds and Money Back Guarantee for UPS and FedEx respectively is an important aspect of the parcel audit services you receive. They form a substantial percentage of the savings you receive as a part of the recovery audit services, which is instrumental in you receiving the UPS Refunds and FedEx Refunds. These refunds represent the contractual obligation that UPS and FedEx have to their customers for on time delivery.

The carriers should commit to their accountability for their service standard. However they are offering the customers incentives to do away with the Late Delivery Refund, which seems to be a contradiction of terms. In today’s time most of the companies are setting high expectations from customers with same day delivery and free shipping, fast, affordable and dependable shipping is expected from today’s retailers.

A customer expects to receive his products on time and is more likely to recommend a retailer to his acquaintances when he does so. Therefore on time delivery is an important part of the consumer experience. When UPS and FedEx offer to waive off the right to apply for Late Delivery refunds, they are not willing to be accountable for their commitment, at the same time you as a shipper are accepting shipping delays even after knowing that revenues and customer satisfaction are at stake.

You are supposed to receive a Late Delivery Refund every time your carrier doesn’t deliver your shipment on time, this is a contractual obligation. Please don’t give this up by signing up for Late Refund Waivers, which reduce your UPS Refunds and FedEx Refunds substantially.

We at Audintel.com discourage waiving your right to claim late delivery refunds. We offer Parcel Audit services right for you which can facilitate you to maximize the Late Delivery Refunds and refunds from mischarged shipments. Please spend some minutes of yours to signup with us; you will be pleasantly surprised by the savings we make for you.

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